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there are roaches and there is a mice that lives on the 4th floor. don't rent here... so I decided to move not to far away in a dungy building but honestly not that bad and not far off from.queen west... plus a bonus is that my new apartment building didn't make the list on this site!! yayy

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We take our Resident concerns very seriously and would like to ask that you please send your name and contact information to our Customer Experience department at [email protected]

Thank you.
Timbercreek Communities

I am a current tenant here and we have ROACHES we were warned to late by a tenant here after we moved in that there was bugs here. we didn't believe him until about a week later when we started seeing roaches at night.
our place has been treated twice and we still see roaches even waking us up on our bodies while we sleep in bed..........

oh and the amount of cra

zy people that live in the building is staggering not for single women at night.

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hello all I sadly write Im a current tenant in this building here at 200 dufferin street and have been since june of this year. we moved in and had our choice of three units at the time all one bedrooms. we moved in to the largest unit but were advised to take a smaller unit from management at the time of our viewing and always wondered why. after we had moved all our things in and bought a brand new sleeper l section couch for almost 2000 for my guests when they stay we started to see COCKRAOCH

ES after about a month of living there.
we have dropped powder which you can buy at any store and layed it in all the spots one would think something tiny would hide from the light. I have cocked all my apartment which the restoration crew that does the work here didn't finish and we have had the useless orkin guys here twice.
when the orkin crew is called its on you the tenant to pack your entire house up like you moved in and leave your unit for 6 hours while they spray.... and we have done that twice and still we suffer from bugs. we have never seen bed bugs in our unit but I have been woke up by cockroaches on my body while I sleep and in my bed.
please people do not rent here for any reason or any length of time.
we are in communication now with our tenant board but haven't heard a thing back as to leaving our lease early.
Mario and abner are great guys and it has nothing to do with the people who work in the building its just a problem that wont go away unless they treat the entire building which is a huge pain for all tenants.


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Foolishly took there $1000 move-in incentive. In the first week started seeing bed-bugs and roaches. Tried to contact management but they are super dodgy, moved out after 6 weeks. I had to get rid of a bunch of my beddings and stuff because it was infested and did not want to take it to my new place. This building is completely infested, ask any resident, they all have bedbugs and cockroaches, I don't know how anyone could live here. Save yourself some serious grief, find another apartment.

Lived in this building for 6 years,from day 1 had bug's. All they do is put bait and say the job's done. It takes them 6 months for them to fix anything you ask ,but when 1 first of the month comes they want your money. So glad I'm moving,can't deal with there BS anymore. Boo this wanna be condo apartment.

Thank you for posting your comments about 200 Dufferin Street. We are sorry to hear about your experience. Timbercreek Communities takes all Resident concerns very seriously. Please send a private message with your contact information to [email protected] and we'll investigate right away. Thank you for reaching out.

Bedbugs and cockroaches.
Timbercreek doesn't take much seriously, especially not your health or safety. They do however take your money seriously. I have complained for months and have received no support at all. I've thrown out my items, have been dealing with sever allergies, have missed work. This place is hell.

Bed bugs! Found one my apartment and fellow tenants openly admit its a huge problem. Stay away from this location if you want to be sane.

This building is infested with cockroaches. We see them in the apartment, in the elevators and in the hallways.

Thank you for posting your comments about 200 Dufferin Street. Timbercreek takes these issues very seriously and we urge any tenants who are having pest issues or have any other concerns to contact our resident relations department at [email protected] so that we can work towards resolving these issues for you.

Thank you,

Timbercreek Asset Management

PLEASE AVOID THIS SHIT HOLE. DO NOT GET FOOLED BY THE FANCY RENOS- they were done cheaply and dont do shit for all the other problems. this building is infested with crackheads, cockroaches, dirty nasty people, bedbugs, rodents and mold. this mgnt company is scheming people into paying high rent for total CRAP. do yourself a favor- if youre spending over a grand on a place, move into one of the new liberty loft spaces. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS LORD DUFFERIN FROM HELL building. AVOID AVOID AVOID

Take everyone's advice and RUN! I've lived here for almost 5 years and was ready to move out before Timbercreek came. I thought they did such extravagant changes ot the building that they'd fix the cockroach issue. It's clear by reading all of these reviews that even with the renovations, this building is being run by cockroaches and a management company that doesn't give a shit.

Along with the huge infestation of cockroaches in my apartment, my kitchen is falling apart. I am having a baby in

January and have told them the issues (including the roaches) need to be fixed before she arrives. Believe me....I've told them this needs to be fixed for years but all they do is leave nasty brown gels spots that look like rat shit. My cupboards to do not close and my drawers are so broken, the backs of the drawers have fallen apart and huge knives sticking out the back, the drawers get stuck and I have to pull so hard that the whole thing falls out. I haven't chopped a toes off yet.

Anyways, I finally got really pissed but sent emails which eventually included Resident Relations (they have a post down a bunch of comments about how they care about this stuff) and the regional Manager, Jay. He eventually said he wanted to see the issues himself so came in with Mario and my fiance, looked around and couldn't see any reason as to why roaches would want to be around, then he looked at the cupboards and drawers and immediately said there was no way to fix them, they would have to take them down and completely replace them. He says by the end of the week he would get back to me but he didn't so I had to....then it started. Email after email and I had to constantly follow up and many emails had me swearing because I am so pissed and disgusted with these people! If you want to take a look at the emails exchanged....take about 15 minutes and check them out at http://lifeislikeaboxofwine.com/2012/11/23/my-cockroach-nightmare-timbercreek-asset-management-beware/. The funniest thing about this asshole is at the end, he had the nerve to not only say I was the problem with the roaches but if I didn't like living there, I should move. Real professional!

Tomorrow is yet ANOTHER treatment which will of course, do nothing and I have no date in which my kitchen will be repaired. If you don't stay away because of the roaches, stay away because of the management. The crazy amounts of money they spent renovating this place should have been first used to COMPLETELY exhaust all options of getting this BUILDING uninfested with these roaches THEN spend money on renovating to make it look nicer. Now people have to pay ridiculous amounts of money on rent to just have a cover up.

I was wondering why I kept seeing so many new people come and go within a month or two and now I know it's affecting even the new tenants that are spending way more just to get the same shit and treatment such as the old tenants do.


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Nov 18th - 2012. DO NOT MOVE HERE. EVER.

Currently living here, paying $1400 for what might as well be called a shoe box that is "renovated" according to them.
Guess what? Roaches - Bugs - Unfinished underneath the kitchen sink, unfinished bathroom sink, zero ventilation in washroom and floor tiles that aren't even put on properly and un-sticking.

The first floor smells like humid cat piss and old cigarette smoke, the carpets haven't been washed in any hallway - if they have - they need

to be torn out and replaced. This place could be very nice and have a lot of great tenants and living spaces. Sadly it seems like the scum of the earth mixed with people who were fooled this was a good building.
Don't believe me? Take a walk through the small backyard to find ohhhh you know, Corn on the cob, cat litter, chicken bones for my dog to choke on and so many more things that have been flung from the balcony. Shit apartment complex. Should be torn down and re-built, until then it will remain to be said shit complex.

We are luckily not on a lease and will be moving elsewhere very shortly.

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If you are reading this becuz u want to know if its safe to move here, trust my advice or live with regret: STOP. TURN AROUND. LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE. I have been in apartments for over 16 years and just moved here. It's a nightmare. Cockroaches everywhere, even during the day they are running around my kitchen and bathroom and coffee table. Bedbugs must be here too, itchy every morning, small red spots I scratch, but can't see any bedbugs, must be inside mattress. This is HELL. Mgmt doesn't care a

nd nobody responds from head office. Stay away. Wish I saw this website before I signed my lease. Come Sept 2013.......I'm leaving for good!

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DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I moved here on January, 2012. I have seen no bedbugs at all. However, my apartment is COCKROACH CENTRAL!!! Management has tried to deal with it. They have sprayed my apartment 3 times and put some gel thing that was supposed to help. But we still are infested with roaches. My apartment is very clean so the problem is obviously this building. I can't wait for my lease to end so I can move away from this roach infested place!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!


I've started to have some bedbugs right after I move here 3 months ago. Almost each day I am cover of bite marks and I am someone extremely clean (OCD type clean), yet I still have them. I am the point of sleeping with pyjamas pants tuck in socks and long sleeves simply to avoid having some marks.

It is my understanding that the building is quite old and Timbercreek are renovating it one unite at the time...the thing thought with that, despite the best intention is that

you can't renovate the foundation itself...where the problem lay.

Seriously. Do not move here. Unless you want to pay for overprice apartment and bedbugs.

I am looking to terminate my lease before time

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I am on the first floor of this building and lived here for the past two months, I haven't seen any cockroaches and I only had bedbug one night...now I am worried if I have to endure 10 months before my lease end.

I've just double check under the sink, in the diswhasher and I haven't seen anything. Where do most people see them?

please contact me at [email protected]

it's hilarious to note how this building has recently changed it's exterior to appear more "condo like". i sincerely hope people google the address and come across this. BE WARNED: ITS A COVER UP FOR THE SHIT THIS BUILDING TRULY IS.

YOU CANNOT RENOVATE SUITES AND HOPE THAT THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM WILL VANISH. the underlying problems are that the BUILDING STRUCTURE is INFESTED with cockroaches and other insects deep WITHING THE WALLS AND PLUMBING. they'd have to take down the entire building to

get rid of the problem.

every unit is infested with cockroaches and it only gets worse depending on what floor you live on. prior to the renovation, the building was INCREDIBLY dirty with a horrible rep. now people are fooled into believing it's some "condo style" building with new fancy counters. it's just a cover up, the same dirty people live there and the same nasty cockroaches roam through-out the walls. my apartment is full of them despite how clean i am. i could go around spraying cleaners, bleach, boric acid and whatever else and nothing will get rid of them. CANT WAIT TO GET OUT OF THIS HELL.


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No bed bugs but just as bad - cockroaches EVERYWHERE, especially now that the weather has warmed up.
I've been late for work cleaning up nests of baby cockroaches that have hatched in Cereal boxes, I've woken up to dead cockroaches in my pets water bowl, and everytime I do the dishes or run the dishwasher there are cockroaches crawling all over our clean dishes withing hours.
We are now even starting to see them in all other areas of our apartment.
My partner and I were the first ones who hav

e lived in the renovated apartment that we have rented, and we are both very clean, mature professionals.
Someone has entered our apartment twice since we moved in for extermination but it has had no effect. We brought the issue up a third time, and they denied having a record of our first reports of cockroaches (even though we still have the written documentation) and we are still waiting for a follow through.

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We started noticing that we were getting bit a couple of months ago. I had a disgusting experience when I was changing the mattress protector and saw a huge bed bug.

We notified the building and had two treatments that were supposed to help. Unfortunately, they didn't. We had to throw out a lot of furniture and spend a lot of money on dry cleaning. Not to mention the constant paranoia of something biting you.

I think it's nice that the building is trying to improve its image by renovatin

g but from roaches to bedbugs, I think the whole building needs to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch.

It doesn't seem like these treatments are enough when the whole building is infested. Too bad because the location and superintendents are nice.

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I went to check out this apartment today and the super explained that the suite he was about to show us was newly renovated. Walking through the building, I was impressed, it seemed nice...up to the suite, looked all brand new, new counters and then I got excited about the fact that there was a dishwasher!! So I opened it........I couldn't believe how many cockroaches I saw.
I've been paranoid and itchy all day and we're definitely NOT moving in to this apartment...the lord dufferin? more like


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We moved in 2 months ago and after a few weeks started to see tiny bugs. Now we have realised there are cockroaches (fairly large) in the building. Our apartment is very clean and clearly the building is the issues. We have notified management and they seem to neglect the issue that the BUIDLING is infested not just single apartments. We have notified Timbercreek directly and they did not seem concerned at all which is a bit alarming. I'd suggest not living here, it is not worth the stress. So m

uch for "condo style living". We are looking into other options and our tenant rights.

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We moved in a month ago and have seen cockroaches not only in our apartment but running around out in the hallway and in elevators too. We alerted management but are still waiting for resolution. We bought all kinds of poison and sealed up as many cracks and openings as we could, however the stress of knowing we are not alone in this "condo style" apartment is unnerving.

Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding 200 Dufferin Street. Timbercreek Asset Management prides itself on being the landlord of choice and diligently works to take all necessary measures when it comes to the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of our tenants.

We do take the outlined issues very seriously and ask that you please contact our resident relations department by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-866-898-8868, ext. 274 and provide us with yo

ur unit number and contact information for further discussion.

Best Regards,

Timbercreek Asset Management

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I have had major problems with some kind of insect or mite unresolved 8 months...If anyone would like to participate in a class action lawsuit against MetCap Living/Property Management please contact A.S.A.P at [email protected] with the details of your grievence. If it is ongoing or been resolved. what you have suffered as a result. When it happened. Name address and phone number. All contacts will be kept confidential!

We've lived here in one of the lower floors for a year now. (June 2010 - 2011.) The lease is finally ending and we can't wait to move out.

Within the first week we were covered in bedbug bites. They had sprayed a few days before but it didn't hold them off for long. We have to replace so many of our possessions because they've been ruined by insects. Our sheets are covered in blood stains, the bed frame is coated in bugs and eggs, and there are bugs all over our clothes and curtains. We've h

ad to throw out our armchair and couch too.

Not to mention the cockroaches. They're everywhere. Most of our books were ruined by cockroach droppings. They get into everything and have a nasty habit of dropping on your head.

Metcap no longer runs this building. Timbercreek has taken over since January 2011. They are attempting to fix up the building, which is good because the place was falling apart. Unfortunately, the constant construction is noisy and intrusive.

Do yourself a favor and move somewhere else.

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Lived there for 2 years, started to get bites. Threw out my mattress but they just came back. They are all over the building. Do not live here!!!!!!

I live at 200 Dufferin Street, Apt# PH15, I had to move out after 1 1/2 years because of bed bugs cock roaches & rats! I gave them 30 days notice and the property manager did not say anything about paying extra! they now want $960.00, My rent was only 717.50 per month! they are charginge me $92.50 I can't rember for what $150.00 for early move out! I did not sign a new lease when it caame up! I want to start a class action law suit against Met Cap Living. WARNING STAY AWAY FROM 200 Dufferin Str

eet. the building is falling apart!

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Started noticing that I was scratching my foot and ankles alot. Then my legs, arms, stomach, I couldn't believe what was going on. This is the 2nd time that my apartment has been infected. The only thing that I can think off is that the apartment a few floors above mine got flooded a few weeks ago, and water entered my apartment via the ceiling. Also in the past was infected with rodents and still is with coroaches. I seriously need to move out. The building manager is ok and helpful but th

e building itself is not livable under these conditions.

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This building is the worst i have ever lived in in. This is FULL OF BED BUGS AND ROACHES and is under METCAP which is the worst management company. Would advise to stay away from this building.

I live in this apartment for about 6 months. LOTS of cockroaches. Keep coming. Manager is OK, but the whole building is in VERY bad shape. So far I requested and they performed 2 times fumigation, 2 times with gell. I purchased the big 2 liters of roach killer spray, and the powder. We filled all the wholes in the apartment. We tried a lot to get rid of them. But all in vain . This is the WORST apartment I ever lived in NA for the past 8 years. I am going to complain to municipality too.


It is horrible, I would strongly recommend not to move in this apartment building, I would say not to any MEDC*P building.

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November 12, 2009

I've noticed bite marks on my arms/back/legs for the past 3 weeks now. Nothing major, a couple every couple of days. Haven't seen a bedbug until I was on the computer one day and one fell from the ceiling right onto my keyboard as I was typing. I knew exactly what it was as I was currently doing research on the little pests. I found two more since then, again on the computer desk and the washroom.

I spent rememberence day turning my bedroom upside down cleaning/vacc

uuming and dusting. No bed bugs in sight, except for blood markings on the baseboard in one pariticular spot. I dusted (silicone) the entire baseboards and around my bed.

I will be buying a mattress/boxspring cover, so I don't ruin my bed. And will clean out the comuter area and living area, along with dusting everywhere where the dogs cannot come in contact with.

Yes, the dogs have bite marks as well.......urg....don't even get me started on the roaches. Luckily I have experience with these from a previous apartment. So I know how to keep thos ones in control and out of my apartment......

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I lived in that building from late 2007 to mid 2009 and had numerous problems. First with cockroaches that kept coming into my apartment from the surrounding apartments and then in late 2006 I discovered bedbugs in my apartment. The building manager is a nice guy but M**cap is a very crappy company so I think his hands are tied when it comes to solutions concerning the bedbug problem. They hired an exterminator who knew nothing about bedbugs and came and sprayed a few times but that did nothing.

I had to tackle the problem myself and finally managed to get rid of them from my apartment after several frustrating months but I knew my whole floor is infested so I moved out the first chance I got. I will never do business with M**cap again and I highly recommend that people stay away from them and especially this building.

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I am living in this building for 3 months. This is the worst apartment that I ever lived in my life so far. This place is crawling with cockroaches, luckily I haven't seen the bedbugs yet. I don't know whether The superindentant is overwhelmed by too much work or insensitive, he doesn't finish the service requests on time. You have to bug him for months for simple things. For 2 bedrooms, I pay $1150 for this place which is unlivable.

Don't ever move in here.

thanks so much for this advice--i was just about to check out this place tomorrow!

This is an apartment, about 200 unit, 14 stores.
Full with bedbugs. I have lived there for three months, staff brings some powder to treat the problem but it doesn't help. Luckily I was able to cancel a lease with them. Saving copy of maintenance requests is advisable.
Though, I would not recommend this bulging at all.

Looks like a real infestation, even seeing mattresses on balconies now!

Unconfirmed -- repeated disposal of mattresses outside of this building for several weeks. Building also has significant vacancy, availability at all apartment types. Building name: The Lord Dufferin.

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