20 Maynard Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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In January 2011, I apartment-sat for a nearby friend on Melbourne Ave. The next week he found out he had bedbugs. The following week I started waking up with itchy red bites in my apartment at 20 Maynard Ave. I let my landlords know Feb. 7 2011, and one month later, they still have still not done anything, but Toronto Public Health is in contact with them, letting them know that they have a legal responsibility to get a pest control operator, LICENSED BY THE MINISTRY OF ONTARIO, to inspect an

d treat my apartment. The landlords swear that none of the buildings they manage on Maynard have ever had bedbugs, but I see mattresses put out for garbage collection almost weekly. I am living out of Ziploc bags. My friend's landlord had his place treated one week after he notified them, and he is currently bedbug-free. Bedbugs CAN be dealt with; the sooner the better.

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