192 Dowling Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I'm living here now and although I haven't had bed bugs, other tenants mentioned seeing them. I also saw a roach yesterday... This building is gross! There were also tons of mouse droppings when I first moved in and I would hear them at night. Thank god a cat and some serious cleaning solved that problem. With all the cracks, gaps and holes in the building I'm not surprised there's a problem with pests. I probably should have known better.

The pest problem combined with the near-constant drun

ken fights between the two tenants upstairs (which has lead to police visits at ungodly hours) make this an awful place to live. I'm getting out of here as soon as I can. No wonder no one I speak to has lived here for more than six months.

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There are definitely bed bugs in this house, they were found this week on the bed, pillow and on the wall on the 2nd floor.

I am a resident at 192 Dowling Ave. I reported the bedbugs to our Landlord, Jack Andriano, and he offered a can of bug spray. I insisted on a fumigation, as required by landlord/tenant act, and he SPIT IN MY FACE. The police were called, diffused the situation...the landlord refused to act accoringly, so Toronto health was called, and a fumigation demanded, 7 days later. I had already spent over $1000 self-fumigating the place, room by room w/ bleach and began steamcleaning/bleach processing EVE

RY item we own. $265.00 laundry bill is the tip of the iceberg. Our entire standard of living was flipped into chaos as we endure day after day of bleach and paranoia. We slept 10 days on a plastic-covered loveseat. We have refused to pay our rent, and are looking forward to our day in court...we have a fully documented and dated case proving Jack Andriano allowed this infestation to happen.

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Sometime in june, my neighbour moved out because she said she had bedbugs. Now my other neighbours are reporting seeing them and getting bites. No fumigation has taken place so far. So far there is reported bites on the second and third floor.

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