166 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

Found 4 reports:

Whats the rental office number??

any recent updates on this place?

Found bed bugs shortly after moving into apt 601.

Waiting on the building's solution. So far it has been weeks waiting to spray for roaches and they have not responded to my bed bug issue as yet......

this is definitely a problem in this building. I have never seen one until i moved in.

I will in this location for the last few years and there is always budbug somewhere in the building. Almost everymonth tenants throw out their furniture, mattress and beds outside the building. The complaints to the land lord are dealth properly very rarely. The maintenance of the building is poor and most tenants are new immigrants and do not know how to approach the landlord. They buy sprays themselves and spray it, making the budbugs more resistant. The landlord hardly sends anyone to spray.

No nearby bug reports