1630 Dundas St W
Toronto, ON M6K

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I moved into 1630 Dundas Street West a few days ago. It is a really nice looking bachelor apartment at a reasonable price and the Landlords seemed nice. After moving my stuff in I went out for a short time then returned. I went to feed my cat and noticed two bed bugs near the base boards, I searched some more and noticed several more, some very close to the base boards and some climbing the wall. I spent the night at a friend's and called the landlords the next day. They claimed that the apartme

nt had been empty for some time and they had no reports of bugs. They didn't believe that there were bed bugs there but I've seen them before and told them they had better take care of the situation. They returned my rent and I'm not going back. They said the exterminator would be in today. I have abandoned most of my belongings because I fear my stuff might have been infested, it's a small place.

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