162 Close Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Im curious if there any recent updates for this building.

infested! don't move into 160 or 162 close!

Started noticing bites around the middle to end of July. Told the landlord who was really dodgey about the whole thing. He sprayed once but I went and stayed at a friends house for a few days just in case. Came back and after the first night I was bitten again. I tried to get the landlord to spray again before I returned but he wasn't answering my calls.

I finally got a hold of him again and told him the bed bugs were still there - after lying to me saying they sprayed again (I was in the ap

artment when he said they had sprayed). They finally came around and sprayed again while I was out. I've been staying at a friends' again but I'll go back and try to see if they're still there. Will update what happens.

see full report...

just wanted to update my situation.
i spoke to another tenant who said she had cockroaches but he sprayed and they havent been back. so i let him know and it sprayed a couple days later. it seemed to kill them off quickly or at least scare them into another unit for the time being. the bed bugs did not leave however. i moved out two weeks later.

Landlords cannot exempt themselves from their legal obligations. I am not a lawyer,and I sugggest calling Toronto Public Health about the bedbugs and the Min. of Ontario Tenant Info line.

moved in the summer of 2011, tons of german cockroaches and i've recently woken up with a lot of itchy bites. 99% sure theres bed bugs as well. in the lease the landlord states that he is not responsible for bed bugs at all. i have heard other people complain of roaches in the apartment but until everyone complains (i think some are ashamed) he will not do anything.

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