157 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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So I moved in the beginning of Juneand I see a roach first night I'm here surprise should have known it was to good to be true with this view for only 950$ a month. Over the next 2 days I notice bites and I'm super itchy so you know what that means bed bugs now. So cock roachs and bed bugs great most dirty place I've ever lived in.

them they decay off. Disgusting this building needs to be burned down so sad to see people living in here long term I'm getting out ASAP. I don't have a choice for

next couple months. Please don't move in here unless your okay with bedbugs, cockroaches and other weird bugs .. And musky smells coming from the walls. Did I mention I siliconed my whole apartment as soon as I seen cockroach but still bugs coming eating threw the baseboards. Very unsafe unclean building

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I found one single bedbug once at night around 4 am on my night stand. This was in April 2014. I called for a treatment and a guy came in to spray some stuff in liquid inside furniture as well as some diatomaceous earth on the corners and edges of the walls. I haven't had an incident with bedbugs until now but I do have some roaches here and there.

Best friend woke up with bites everywhere and I had them days later...

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