1554 King St W
Toronto, ON M6K

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This is great building they are doing lots of good things.

I've owned this building for a little over a year and while certain there are insensitive landlords out there, I cannot count myself among them. I fix poorly managed real estate, its my job, and bugs are bad for business.

We care for our tenants and neighbors. Occasionally we come across a tenant that does not seem to mind sharing their place, (the individuals in question have moved out btw) and we try to help them. Its in our best interests. You'd be better served speaking to the supe

rintendent directly or asking us for references than read the rantings off this site. There may have been a problem in the past. I'm certain there is not one now.

We do what any responsible landlord should: carefully screen applicants, address issues promptly and never stop improving the building.

These apartments, like many in the area, are going through a process of redefining themselves. Its not just caring management and steady improvements that breathe life into a building, the community inside makes the real difference.

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Bed bugs are appearing in random apartments. landlord is trying to get rid of them, but not fast enough

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