1534 King St W
Toronto, ON M6K

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Bedbugs were sighted in Apt. 9 of 1534A King Street West on Saturday, November 27th,2010. Landlord's agent (Landlord never answers his phone or returns calls) was contacted November 28th, 2010, and a letter detailing the presence of bedbugs was mailed to the landlord November 29th, 2010. Health Inspector was contacted at this time.


Mattress and box-spring were thrown out November 27th, but by Friday, December 3rd, 2010 the landlor

d and his agent had no plans to treat Apt. 9. Further calls either went unanswered, and messages left were not returned. Requests for landlord or his agent to come view the bugs in order to prove their existence were ignored. Requests for a hired exterminator were likewise dismissed.


By this time, three live (3) bedbugs had been caught, killed, and kept for evidence. Although tenant was sleeping on the floor, the bedbugs were still very present in the unit and her back and legs were bitten dozens of times. Official termination of lease notice is written by tenant and left for landlord along with photos of her bitten back.

Health Inspector reports he had contacted landlord to request he investigate my claims, but the latter took no initiative to do so.


By December 12th, 2010, bites became so severe the tenant moved out of unit. December 17th, she called landlord's agent with a request that he either hire an exterminator or she would do so and request reimbursement via the Landlord Tenant Board (she was applying for official early termination of her lease).


December 19th, Landlord finally calls Tenant and agrees to bring an exterminator to treat her unit on December 22nd. However, further investigation on the part of the tenant reveals that the other tenants of the building have not been informed about an extermination either by the landlord or the exterminator (Failing to give notice when toxic chemicals will be involved is illegal).

Pest Control Company whose letterhead was left under tenant's door is contacted. Company has no record of a work order for her address. Tenant contacts landlord and landlord's agent to demand an explanation. Call is unanswered and not returned.

Letter "from" Pest Control Company goes missing between the evening of December 21st and 22nd. Tenant learns that another individual in the building was promised a viewing of Apt. 9 on the 22nd (the day the extermination was supposed to occur), but no notice of this was given to occupying tenant. Tenant becomes suspicious landlord's agent attempted to cover up his lies about extermination by removing incrimination letterhead.


Upon final inspection of unit on January 1st, 2011, Landlord's agent shows up with his wife and both aggressively belittle and insult tenant and her third-party witness for over an hour.

Landlord's agent threatens Small Claims Court action against tenant if she refuses to withdraw her tribunal hearing with the Landlord Tenant Board.

Tenant and Landlord/Landlord's Agent are awaiting their hearing with the Landlord Tenant Board for February/March 2011.

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