151 Dunn Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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We do have a negligent landlord, no bedbugs however...never had them, just wanted to clear that up....Thanks!

Didn't have much of a problem with Bedbugs in this building. But the mice infestation was horrible! They moved into the building in October once the weather got cold, and never moved out. I heard them in the walls, saw them in the apartment. I was convinced they were living under the sink. I set traps and poison out, and trapped about 10 mice in the space of 3 months.

Worst thing was the landlord didn't do much of anything about it. He said he put poison out around the building, but I n

ever saw him in my apartment. He never sealed anything up to stop them from getting in, or responded to my repeated complaints. I never saw a professional exterminator.

I ended up moving out because I couldn't handle breathing in the pungent mixture of mouse poison and mouse droppings.

As appealing as the location and price is, don't bother renting here unless you want to have a dozen or so unwelcomed small furry roommates that shit all over the place.

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