140 Springhurst Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I lived at 140 springhurst ave for two years and endured the bites for the entire stay but anything else no roaches and springhurst investments kept the place up.

I moved in here in March 2011 without bed bugs. Soon after we discovered bugs in our entire apartment. But neither one of us had bites. We threw out alot of our furniture. I had no idea how they could have got in here and when I told the landlord, he didn't seem to be interested in a solution. Told me one girl had bugs but that it was 4 years ago. We proceeded to caulk all the cracks in our whole apartment to seal them out, we steamed and cleaned everything in our apartment in hot hot water.

I can't use pesticides for health reasons, so we bought a steamer. The landlord told me they'd never had a problem with bugs before. I wasn't sure to believe him. Recently, he was fixing something in the apartment and I asked him if other people in the building had been having the same bed bug problem, he said no. He also asked me what the bugs look like!! Like he's never even heard of them! The building does look clean at first glance, but it's not. He clearly doesn't want to deal with the bug problem and has left it up to tenants. We still have to live here, no choice.

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I had the same problem as this person!!!! It was just ridiculous! I couldn't get a response from the landlord and was forced to give my notice, but had to move out right away because it was so bad. I couldn't even sleep in my bed it was so bad. They were everywhere. Cockroaches too. It was disgusting. I agree the building looks nice but is infested and the run by a dirty, thieving slumlord criminal!!! DONT LIVE HERE!!!!!!

This building may look clean but it's actually disgusting. STAY AWAY. I lived there for 2 years, and when I started getting bed bugs, I reported it to the landlord Carlos Pacheco, who said he would do something and never did. I was covered in bites every morning. I moved out as soon as I could, but first had to have all of my clothing professionally cleaned and throw away my bed. I called him everyday, and he kept saying he would have the exterminators come in asap, but it never happened. Eventu

ally he just stopped answering whenever I called. This isn't the first time he ignored me. Any repairs you need done will never happen. Avoid this building, and any property owned by Springhurst Investments Ltd.!!!!

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