122 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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July 4th 2011 I see the bedbugs are back at this location. The neighbor above is having heat treatment done by the exterminators today. I'm praying it does not drive them into my unit! I'm moving very soon and do NOT want hitch-hikers coming with me to the new place. There have been no signs of any bedbugs all winter or spring, and now right before I move this is happening!! I cannot afford to replace all my belongings ..again!
If Toronto officials do not do something about this growing proble

m, they should all be sued!! Cracking down on SCUMlords and making stiff penalties for allowing an infestation to persist should be made a crime!!

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My husband and I moved into an apartment Aug. of 2010 at 122 Spencer Ave., Toronto, Ontario. (Parkdale) The building is an old Victorian converted into several units. It is a beautiful building with clean well maintained units. However one month after moving in, we were notified that there was a severe bed-bug problem, and the owner was having most of the units treated(sprayed) for various levels of infestation. We allowed them access to do "preventative" treatment. Approximately 2weeks later, w

e then had bedbugs as well! We have treated this unit ourselves using many different forms of "attack", simultaneously. It has been almost 5 months and we have seen no evidence and had no more bites. Unfortunately, we were informed by some neighboring units, that there are still units with the bed-bugs, and the owner will not pay for anymore treatments. The tenants have been slowly moving out of this building, as we are going to be doing soon. It is ridiculous the negligence that is allowed for Landlords(slum lords).

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