120 Jameson Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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Bedbugs aren't talked about in this building. Everyone is too embarassed to mention it. In the spring of 2011 I found them in my unit and I attacked them with a vengance. I still live here because I can't afford to move. I have kept control of the infestation with specific powders and sprays made for this purpose. I see people putting stuff out on their balconies all the time. I guess they think the cold air will kill them but that isn't true. They will go dormant only to be revived upon returni

ng into the home and resume their feeding routines. Then it starts all over again. They say heat kills them and I am sure that is true but the cost of this treatment is so unreasonable that no one can afford it.

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Oh my god that building have lots of bedbugs. I found four bedbugs in one night but this building pretend like they never heard about it. Looks clean outside.

that's so true. I am glad that I left that building.

I moved into apartment 706 back in Feb 2009. Did not notice the bedbugs until just recently. Landlord handled it quite efficiently and was very fast in having PCO come in and fumigate at their expense. I have one more month before I move out. All my furniture will be thrown. We shall see if the fumigation works.

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