116 Spencer Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I have lived in 116 Spencer since October 1st. Let me tell you how the first night I was here, after spending many hours cleaning I was awoken to see several crawling all over my new mattress. I let the super know and the place has been sprayed every two week since the first discovery. The building even pervaded me with mattress covers and pillow case covers to prevent the bed bugs from infesting my new bed. I had to wait for the pillow case covers due to them being out because they provided so

many to other residents.

Further more, since living here at the end of every month I see mattress and bed boards left behind by the trash after people move out. Once I even seen this old couch left behind that had the black dots (bed bug poo/blood) all over it. Trust me it was so bad I didn't even need to get close to see it.

I am still constantly being bitten. I find them only every three days now. The problem is they are all different ages. I have no idea where they are coming from because I steam cleaned all my cloths and furniture. I even put caulking in all the possible cracks in the tile. Currently I am looking for a new place to live because I am fed up. DONT MOVE HERE! BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE! Plus the halls are never cleaned. I live on a floor without the carpets but I pity the individuals that do.

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I had been living in my apartment for a year and bought a brand new mattress and frame when I moved there. I had not been anywhere so knew I could not have brought them in. About two months ago I found strange bites on my arm. Then I had them on my legs and ankles. I called Public Health and they were going to come out to inspect but then I overheard my neighbour across the hall talking (with his door open) about his bed bug problem. I called my landlord and was told yes he had been treated s

everal times. So basically they probably fumigated and the bugs came across to me. The carpet in the hallway is disgusting and never cleaned so they are probably all over it. I packed up everything and went home for a week while they sprayed my apartment as well as my neighbour. However, they did not bring in professionals. They claimed "they can do a better job themselves" They told me they would steam clean the hallway carpet but when I returned it was still disgusting so clearly it was not done. The next day I had 3 more bites. My mattress is in a bed bug protector cover and all of my things are still packed up. I took all my clothes to a laundromat. I spent over $300 on laundry and items to prevent them from returning but yet I still had bites. After they treated the apartment. I was scheduled to mover out at the end of October but I couldn't handle it and moved out the first weekend of October. I felt, due to the situation (this place gave me bed bugs which I am very allergic too) I should get the majority of my rent for the month back but they are only giving me half. It's very unfair. I was told to contact the owner about getting more money back, but I tried for days with no return call from him. I had to leave my brand new bed frame (it's wood) and my mattress is covered in plastic and I am sleeping on a single bed in fear of having any bed bugs at my new place. It was a horrible situation and I did not receive much help from the building. They gave them to me and they are probably all over the building so I would not recommend anyone move in there.

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