115 Tyndall Ave
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October 17, 2015 5th Floor 509 I got up in the morning notice I had 4 bites on my body one on my arm 3 on back close together. I put after bite on my bites but it didn't do much. I was in a lot of pain my bites turned red swelled up very hot and itchy. I went to St. Joseph hospital doctor told me I have bed bug bites he said 3 bites together are called breakfast lunch and dinner I was in total shock couldn't believe this was happening to me. Doctor wrote me a prescription to take every 6 hours f

or a week. I immediately went to drug store pick up prescription came home checked bed vacuum didn't see anything I washed all bedding on very hot water and dryer on hot temperature doctor said will kill bed bugs. My mattress and box Spring is only 6 months old. So one week went by I got bite on my ear went back to hospital I thought it might be shingles cause I had 3 years ago thought it was back doctor said wait a few days if it is shingles fill the prescription he gave me. I showed doctor my other bites asked him what do you think he said he didn't think bed bugs cause I would have bites all over my body. So I went home feeling a little better. Few days later woke up 4 am was itchy turned on light there was bed bug I put in plastic container and check it out I knew it was a bed bug cause I check YouTube to see what they look like I decided to kill lots of blood came out should have saved bug took to office to show. I only found 1 bed bug. I couldn't go back to sleep I knew now no doubt in my mind 100 % sure I have bed bugs. I waited for daylight and I started throwing out bedding, mattress, box spring, furniture, anything I thought the bugs might be in at 8 am called office made arrangements to have my Apmt treated. I had to go to work so I made arrangements to have Apmt treated on Friday when I'm off work and I had to get Apmt ready. I went back to hospital I had 3 bites on left arm and one one back. Doctor gave me prescription for cream said use reactive or Benadryl for swelling my arm was so swollen all red and hot. Tried to sleep Tuesday in my Apmt but I was to scare I would get bite again. I decided to go stay at hotel till Friday so I could get some rest. Wednesday I went back hospital my are was killing me doctor said keep using cream, reactive for day and Benadryl for night use alive or Tylenol to take Down swelling and pain. So Friday my Apmt was treated I'm spending weekend cleaning Apmt I ordered new bed and box spring came Friday I left plastic on and put cover for bed bugs on bought cover at Walmart I bought new pillow left plastic on and put cover on. Doing better now but what a nightmare
Don't wish this problem for anyone. I've lived here for 30 years since 1984 never saw bed bugs. I have seen cock roaches and I've been able to keep roaches out by doing treatments in Apmt and keeping Apmt clean drains plugged door sealed seems to be working. Since I found the bed bug I've been talking to tenants telling them beware of bed bugs get your unit treated wash your clothes and bedding. I'm keeping bed away from wall using only white sheets and towels got rid of rugs and mats hoping this works. Doctor said the whole building needs to be done. I let office know and Monday the building is being done so I hope this will help. I asked to have my Apmt done again in 2 weeks to be safe. A few years ago a lady had bed bugs other than her I didn't know anyone else had. I've learned a few other people have in the building. Most people don't tell you I'm the opposite I tell everyone we must get building under control everyone needs to be on board all buildings should be treated every 6 months mandatory it's easy to do just pull all things out from baseboards takes few minutes to do whole Apmt. My report is long but I tried to mention everything I could to help others in building. I will be looking for new place cause I don't want to worry about bed bugs all the time. I keep my lights on at night where I sleep hoping bugs don't come out. How sad is that at the end of my day I don't want to lie in bed worrying about bugs. It has taken away my joy at night when I sleep. I hope know one will got through this.

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i have been living here for 2 years and still am. cant afford for other but still trying to move out.

all mice ( the one i love the most out of three) are gone but bedbugs and cockroaches grows more.

the one i dislike most is that the rents keep increasing, and this time it's by 75 bucks.

before, most of the management worker were really rude, so i avoid talking to them and so it became bit better.

anyways, if you are reading this and you have kids in your family then moving here w

ill be one of the worse thing you can do for your family. so if you hate them, then you have found the best place.

P.S. in my 2 bedroom there are 4 human and other 1000 occupying this place and only 3 pays the rent. ALLLLLL the people who wants to lose weight then come, all the bedbugs will do their best to help you.

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I moved into this building and into the 6th floor in 2010. Within 4 months I started to see cockroaches, but summer time it was covered in bugs. I had it cleared but now have to keep the place totally spotless or the bugs come back. (can't even leave trash in the trashcan - its gotta go right outside). So nothing for a few months until recently I start getting bit in the middle of the night. BEDBUGS. I feel like I should hold my rent too until this gets cleared up. Yuck. Wish I could move but ca

n't afford any place else..

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I moved in mid September and was covered head to toe in bites by November 5th. 100% Un-sanitary living conditions. Old management barely spoke English and denied bugs/infestations upon confrontation BEFORE I moved in. (Asian rude management)I have OCD so when I moved in I spent like 4-5 days cleaning like crazy the cupboards were filled with dead bugs and i was appalled I didnt see this before i moved in. I lived also on the 7th floor and my neighbor was crazy. there are sketchy and disgusting p

eople living there and unless you really want bed bugs DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT BUILDING!

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First floor corner apartment at the back of the building has had them since at least 2008. Very bad spread everywhere. It only got sprayed once to my knowledge without success. They came back bigger and stronger and bit every night. They were in every mattress, couch etc.
This building is infested and treatments haven't been working since 2008. Alternatives need to found to fix this inhuman living space.

First treatment yesterday (7th floor), and they treated all my neighbours. I've been bitten since mid-May but didn't know they were in the building and hadn't seen them, so I was in denial. Why don't they search the whole buidlign regularly, once there is a complaint? Someone on the 4th floor apparently had them very bad not long ago. They started in my couch and moved to the bedroom...must have come from another apartment as the building next door (135, same owners and supers) is infested and

new immigrant tenants are moving freely back and forth between apartments in the two buldings, and bringing in household stuff from the garbage bins to fix and redistribute.

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