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I have lived here since last spring, and have only dealt with the super here, Leah, and she has been quite pleasant and have no outstanding issues and certainly and thankfully no bug issues. I chose this location for work and find the location "up and coming" but could be quite dicey at night.

This is a disgusting building. Wynn is a nightmare. They are an evil company and Deb, is a monster. Just call or go in to the office and meet her yourself. Thats who you have to deal with any time you need help- and no, you will not get it. If you want to live with out heat and with bugs and a superindendant who cannot communicate with you, this is the place for you.

Im living here on 115 Dowling Av:

They dont care anything about bedbugs...if u have any problem with the house for examples: bad tap,no heating,broken window...etc...
I hate this apartment...im looking forward to move out just have term...
Renting apartment:
Well...the Landord loves to get more money..they want extra money all the time...i pay 1078 for 2 bedrooms apt and i pay every month in TIME but they alwys say i have to pay more cuz i didnt pay the last month..after i show them i alre

ady paid in the but they dont care the prove..go to the hearing they said..
im telling u live this apartment....

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I would Never recommend renting from Wynn family. They do not care about the people they rent to and expliot people in poverty and immigrants who do not know their rights as tenents, not to mention the people that work for them. Rrpairs are never done and as far as bedbugs, cockroches, fleas, mold etc....They could care less...I will never rent from them again as my experience there was one big nightmare!!! As far as dealing with that beast Debbie at the office...well thats a whole other story!!

! Save yourself the headache and stay as far away from these dirty people as possible. they know nothing about being eithical and your health and well being well suffer as a result of living in any of their buildings. I moved in 2005 and just left and I could not be happier!

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Renting from Wynn Family is a nightmare. The building was/is infested with cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, and other vermin I did not see. The Landlord is about as interested in repairs, maintenance and providing service as a dead person would be.
With the bedbugs and fleas, they gave the superintendent a little bottle of spray and asked the tenant to do the spraying. I eventually hired professionals to do my apartment.
Wynn Family is notorious for neglect. They even lost payments I made to

them. Lucky I kept copies and had the super sign that they received them.
Do not trust them.
If you can afford it, buy your own appliances. There are usually a lot of things that become apparant once you move into the apartment. Keep a record. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, take their word for anything or any action.

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I lived in this building from 1997 to 2009. I saw some repairs done in my unit, but always had to spend 1/2 an hour cleaning up workers mess they made. Lots of fun dealing with the cockroaches and the occasional mouse. The parking garage overhead door missing or not working, the constant icing up of the ramp (broke my bumper one winter, slid backwards into wall), and the discharge of raw sewage on the parking garage floor. Oh, yeah those raccoons were everywhere in the parking garage. Then there

was the vandalism to and theft of vehicles from the garage. Then the bed bugs and the loss of use of property during that time, and the furniture that was disposed of during the infestation. The threats of eviction for non-payment of rent, but always having to fight to get anything fixed. The supers having there hands tied by Wynn, and unable to do the right thing.

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As of NOvember, 2009, there were several apartments infested. People were discarding furniture in the mis-conception that would get rid of the problem. They did not realize that the bedbugs live in the base-boards. There were fleas in the building from an infestion brought by a family of racoons who sought shelter in the parking garage. Perhaps, the building should have been turned over to the racoons. They might have eaten the armies of cockroaches that infest the building. The managment,

Wynn Family Properties, gave the superintendant a spray bottle of something. They, I believe, gave it to the tenants who were supposed to spray their own apartments. Wynn Family was unwilling to fumigate the building for anything.
I would advise anyone to stay as far away from any Wynn Property they hapen upon. Their only concern is keeping the apartments rented. Maintenance was fiction; cleanliness was unknown and care for the property was non-existent. God help you if you rent from them.

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it's a long story...and i don't think i have the time or patience to tell it all. however, it began when we moved in in oct. 2007. to begin with, the toilet was broken with someone else's matter left behind. i was promised a new toilet in the first week of living there. every week my kids and i were told "next week" or "monday." it is now the end of jan. 2009. the toilet is still clogged daily and its disgusting.
next issue...cockroaches. it wasn't

so bad when i reported this issue to the super and he did have someone come in and shoot some goo to kill the little buggers off, but when my middle child said to me one day that he'd never seen so many roaches in his life i just assumed he knew what he was talking about(innocently enough). it turns out that the deceptive creatures were bedbugs. -much shame comes with knowing that your home has bedbugs and that your child(ren) are being eaten alive nightly. there is a sense of helplessness that comes with the big picture. i told the super and was shocked to learn that they already knew! our whole building has bedbugs and yet they do little to eradicate the situation. i had no idea how horrific an ordeal this would turn out to be. we've been fumigated numerous times to little or no avail. we've lost our beds and furniture, not to mention our good mental health.
it's awful to see those angry red bite marks left behind from the bloodsuckers and to know that you and your kids all feel embarrassed and ashamed of what is happening. it's worse to know that the people you are trusting to take care of your home environment are only lining their pockets and not actively solving the problem. -you know, like by spraying the whole building and letting tenants know of the situation so they can act defensively.
it's over a year later and yes, there are still bedbugs. -we are leaving.
anyways, the building sucks, the owners suck and as kind as the supers have been to us in the past, they kinda suck too for letting this go on and not dealing with it.
nothing in the building gets fixed. ceilings cave in and there is no heat in winter. no screens on the windows, pigeons laying eggs and shitting everywhere...and it's just so very gross.
in concluding i would just like to add that i have a friend who also lived in the building and who had chosen to abandon his home. -to get to him, someone from this building, either landlords or supers chose to call c.a.s. on me to report that i had neglected my children and been smoking crack. this was the closest reach the slumlords could have over my friend as he left everything behind. reason being? same complaints plus the landlords greed factor. there are many issues that add up to why anyone or everyone eventually ditches their apartment(s) in this building. -they didn't like the mess my friend left behind so they attempted to hurt me. perhaps they should clean up their mess.

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