112 Tyndall Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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As a concerned tenant, I have to say that the landlord addressed the issue of bedbugs immediately and followed up as necessary, when tenants reported problems. If tenants do not report problems to the landlord, then, how can anything be addressed. At this time, I have been assured that there have been no reports of bedbugs in this building. Did this tenant live with bedbugs and other concerns for 3 years without following up appropriately? All I can say is: why would anyone wait that long?????

Tenants have a responsibility to report any issues. In response to concerns about other tenants' filth.....the world is made up of all kinds of people...some neat and some not so neat. Bedbugs do not take roost because someone is untidy or dirty. They are a nuisance almost everywhere in the world now and we are not immune from the problem. All we can do is be vigilant, keep our eyes open and be careful about what we might bring home in bags, parcels or on ourselves. As tenants...we too have a responsibility.

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The first report seems massively out of proportion to the small problem that occurred well over a year ago. It has the hallmarks of a vindictive poison-pen effort from an unbalanced former tenant.

This coment is unwarranted the matter was dealt with swiftly at the owner expense.And documentation may be provide.For new and up and coming tenants. At this time there are no new cases of bed buds.And if any new case are report to manangement they also will be dealt with immediately. As A tenant I fine this coment to untrue. Obviously the tenant in question was disgruhled and had a bone to pick with some one.

Horrific problem. untreatable recurrent issue with bedbugs since 2007. Disgusting environment, untidy and smelly hallways, no wonder there's bedbugs festering on the inside of apartments. Real lack of hygiene on behalf of some tenants. This issue was treated in the building twice in one apartment and it didn't work. tenants don't throw out infested furniture so the problem is cyclical. Real horrendous place to rent. Don't be tempted unless you are looking for a huge problem.

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