11 Elm Grove Ave
Toronto, ON M6K

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I used to live at this address; nasty! Had bed bugs for over a year before anything got done. My sheets looked like the site of a Jason Vorhees attack.

They Sprayed six times in the past 4 months we've been assured that they've been exterminated. Call and check.

I read this last guys report and I can say stay away its a run down place in Parkdale with people who are drug users everywhere! The Bugs suck but thats the least of your concerns. I live here now and 3 people have left in the past 2 months over the same thing. I hopefully can be next.

OMG ! Everywhere! I lived here for 3 months this past winter 2010 Thankfully. I was awaken one night my first week by I few biting sensations when looked I saw 3 or 4 little bugs on the bed with me! Bedbugs! When reported I was told everyone has them and that you just get used to them! I got gone 2 months later.

Moved in here in 2008, all summer I had bites on me and wasn't sure why for months until I saw a little bug crawling on my bed one day. I threw out my bed, they sprayed the place but a month later I found another bug. Sprayed it again, it's been ok for the last few months but I've noticed some bites on me again this month. I am moving because I can't deal with it. The building and apartments are very small and easy for the bugs to travel between apartments. I spoke with my neighbors and almost

all of them have bedbugs and are very dirty most of them. Management is nice but too bad.

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