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ADDRESS: 8 Laxton Avenue, Toronto, ON M6K 1K9
(HOUSE THAT IS TRIPLEXED - Bsmt, ground floor & upper)
This report is for the upper floor - but confirmed issues with ground floor neighbour who says she has been self-treating due to refusal of owner to address the issue.
February 2015.
Started seeing nymphs floating off the skylights first week of February, and received bites first night in the apartment. Suspected the bites were bedbugs, but thought could be fleas or ticks, as previous tenants

had a dog & wooden floors are old & in need of sanding and re-sealing.
Vaccuumed & washed floors/baseboards thoroughly, thinking that would do the trick.
Frequency of bites increased (while treating for other pests) and found young adults on table (sitting under kitchen skylight) as well as on bedroom futon. Took to steaming floors, baseboards and walls, but buggers attacked from ceiling & skylight. Covered the skylight with clear plastic (now we get to watch them bounce off it!)
Super has been helpful, tried spraying baseboards but this only increased their rate of attack.
At this point we have called in pest control to get an assessment, but owner is refusing to deal with the issue - even though super has been supportive.

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