730 St Clarens Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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Stay away! I thought by being very careful not to touch anything in the always broken elevator. Thought I could avoid bed bugs. Landlords prey on students, seniors, disabled people and newcomers. Avoid like the plague.

This building is infested and landlords overheard as having plans to sell wanting to prove that with rising property tax it's impossible to maintain. They will avoid all repairs and if done repairs still broken. Workers are apathetic and unqualified. They don't even write do

wn repairs to be done, but instead you must chase them daily as per their instructions. If moving here to save money, please account for all items tossed out multiple time due to mold or bed bugs. This building is a nightmare and it's very difficult to come away clear of trauma. Spend 150 more and save yourself the stress. Remember to record all interactions with property manager. Ps. I was considered a good tenant by them. I am not the rare case.

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I MOVED BECAUSE Everything is so true! this place is DIRTY! stairwells are just full of roaches running around my wife was once in the kitchen when 3 roaches came out of the cabinets. Talk about management? i dont think they have any! i once was waiting at the elevator and heard one of guys say "don't like it then you can move the f*** out" like listed above they are careless! Bedbugs on the 9th floor are really bad.. i will leave it at that.

That's so true, this building is full of roaches and bed bugs , roaches in the elevators as well . Recently other tentants are hearing about other tenants having bed bugs on their floor. The entire building needs a cleaning from top to bottom.

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Cockroach infestation & bed bugs! Ever since the superintendent painted the building in some sort of oil that repels cockroaches, I have witnessed an out burst of cockroaches coming from the cracks in the walls; it seems that the scent of the paint is causes them to rebel. Yet they still continue to use the paint. It has gone from bad to worse in 2 months. Everywhere you turn a cockroach is literally falling on you. Turn into the kitchen and its cockroach central. Plus bed bugs are controlling

half of the building. The superintendents are irresponsible and careless in allowing the problem to escalate this far. Somebody needs to call the Tenant board ASAP!

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The whole building is infested with bedbugs. It has been for a while, and it doesn't seem like they'll be going away any time soon. I've got to sleep fully clothed just to hope that I don't get bitten, with multiple layers, and in this hot weather without air conditioning, it really really sucks.

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