562 Concord Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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I am actually the real tenant of 562 Concord Ave. I am not sure if you posted this false info in order to secure the apartment for yourself, but you really messed up. I can assure you that there are no bed bugs at 562 Concord and shame on you for not only lying but impersonating another person on a public forum.

I moved in about a year ago, the landlady lives in the apartment upstairs and works at a shelter, so I am assuming that is how the bed bugs came into the building.
I spoke with her several times about finding bedbugs in the hall ways and in my apartment, and we even made several appointments to have my apartment sprayed. I assumed that since she lived in the building too that she would want to have the issue dealt with as soon as possible.
However, this landlady is extremely dishonest and de

ceitful and did not have any one spray my apartment until the fourth time I asked (a month after I first asked her!). But of course the spaying did nothing

I live and work from my apartment and this last month has been a nightmare! I have had to keep all my clothes in air tight containers and I wake up every morning with at least 20 new bites all over my body. My rent is up in September (thank God) and I cannot wait to move.

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I second this report. I went to view this apartment yesterday and saw bed bug eggs in the bedroom. When I asked what was being done about it the landlord assured me that it had been dealt with.

I am really happy that I checked here before taking it!

This place is infested with bedbug. The landlord says that she has 'dealt' with the problem but she is a liar. she treated the apartment once, but I was still waking up with bites all over my body every morning and she refused to do anything about it.
she refused to acknowledged that there was any sort of problem, even when I showed her bed bug eggs (in my bed no less).
After complaining to her several times she finally said that by law she does not have to let me out of my lease or even ack

nowledged that there is a problem.

This has been the worst place I have ever lived, and I caution anyone who values their sanity to never ever live here!

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