55 Emerson Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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Stay away from 346 St Clarens. The place is COMPLETELY INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!! The manager Daniel is way too cheap to get rid of them and he just puts this white powder everywhere that doesn't get ride of them. They are all over the floors and in EVERY bedroom in the house. Don't be fooled if he says that there are no bed bugs because they have been there for years and many tenants have been FORCED OUT without getting their rent back because of it. STAY AWAY!!!!


Daniel is the manager of the property. As you can see there were bedbugs 3 years ago. He and the owner absolutely refuse to get the house professionally sprayed. They don't care. This house and their other house 346 St Clarens ave have been infested for a long time. Thousands of bed bugs... They come and put down this white powder to try to kill the bed bugs... As you can see, 3 years, no results. They don't care. Inst

ead they try to get female tenants and new tenants who either are too quiet to say anything or they lie to them about the bed bug situation. "Oh we've only had bed bugs just once 3 months ago, only a few. They're gone now."

Thousands of bed bugs. ANDDDDD cock roaches too. Disgusting. These clowns need to get rid of the white powder and retire.

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Disgusting ... the manager Daniel came into my room and put this nasty white powder on the floor to kill the bed bugs ... Well ... It didn't work.

I have lived at this address (basement) for roughly three months, and had enough with the cockroaches and bugs. One one occasion, I was awakened by a cockroach trying to crawl into my ear at 2am! That's when I had given my notice to the landlord, and notified them about the issue. It seem's that this is still an on-going issue, that has not been resolved, or that the landlord has not looked into it.

The infestation of cockroaches and bugs is noticeable, when all the lights are turned on. The

y're crawling over the kitchen, on the dresser, on the floor... and scatter quickly into hiding.

If you are looking for a place. I would be cautious about living here.

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Bed Bugs Infestation Discovered in the House.

In the beds of three rooms
In the floor boards
In the curtains
On the walls

A whole month has gone by and the landlord has declined to provide either a valid pest inspection or approved pest control to get rid of the problem.
The rooms have been sprayed with Propoxur which is a temporary solution at best.

There are seven rooms in the house and there is often a room available for rent.Please be cautious if you are considering moving in

or renting a room, as bed bugs may still be an issue, as well as having to wait over a month for anything to be officially done about them.

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