1456 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON M6H

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Bedbug was found after one year when the telent moved in. Not clear why and when bedbug brought in the apartment. Bedbug was treated by professionals as soon as issue comes, and it was got controlled since Sep. 2011(2 weeks after telent moved out). The apartment was monitored by professionals 1/2 yearly. Bedbug got controlled in this apartment, you are welcome to ask the present telent get a proof.

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Bedbugs discovered in the 2nd floor apartment in the spring of 2011. The landlord refused to bring in an exterminator and insisted that we handle it ourselves. One time, he tried treating the apartment himself with some pesticide, but it wasn't specific to bed bugs and he didn't seem to understand that bedbugs call for professional treatment. We had to throw out all of our bedding for fear of bringing them with us. We moved out as soon as the lease was up.

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