1053 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6H
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We saw this report just after we signed a lease and were going to back out of the deal, and conceded to move in if the owners will willing to have a pest control firm come through before we arrived. Not only was this done, with repeated followups for assurance that if there WAS any issue that it would be addressed correctly, but we were given the outgoing tenants' contact info so we could ask ourselves and verify that there were no bed bugs present.

That was over 2 months ago, and we have re-

painted and fixed many cracks in walls, completely re-painted and cleaned. In our travels we did not see a single living thing save for one centipede skeleton in a light fixture and some very ancient-looking spider beetle shells in the same place.

I also believe that the building has changed owners and that the mgt is more proficient in addressing these and other issues as well.

see full report...

I lived with 2 other guys in the 3rd floor apartment over 1 year ago. Easily the worst bed bug infestation in the world. The entire building should be condemned. Whatever you do DO NOT rent an apartment here as it will ruin your life. Also roaches, raccoons, and squirrels. The Land lord is hard to reach, and didn't really care.

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