102 Lappin Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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shocked to see this here. seems cleaned up now. been here for a year +

Myself and a roomate moved into the upstairs apartment during mid-August 2011. I am writing this as of late September 2011.

I would have loved to know about the existence of this site, and been privy to the information included in previous reports.

This apartment was newly renovated when we moved in. Though poorly renovated it had new carpets, tile, paint, counters, appliances (bought used) etc.

Early September we had a fly infestation where 2 locations in the house had maggots. The fo

llowing week 30 to 60 flies were inside the apartment. I also noticed 2 cockroaches.

I purchased a NEW couch, brought a chair and queen bed from home; all three not infested prior to moving. I noticed bite marks from insects in early September but thought it from mosquitoes.

I have minor bites around my body, none so severe as you see on google images. But after 3 weeks of sporadic nights collecting more bites; I have 8-10 across my body.

On September 28th, 2011 I visually saw a bed bug, caught it and compared it to images online.

The upper unit of 102 lappin avenue (A 2-floor, semi-detached unit) has a 100% confirmed bed bug infestation.

I can only assume that the new renovations were aesthetic-only and the insects are now returning.

I've informed the land lords and I will see how they respond, though judging by the information provided by previous tenants I don't think help is likely. I don't know my rights and would like any help or information I can receive.

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Tenants encountered bedbugs at 102 Lappin Avenue. Reported to the Landlord. Landlord has so far (March 2010) refused to do anything about this problem. In fact, the Landlord is presently trying to evict the tenants because the tenants have stopped paying rent. (Due to MANY health problems such as mice, cockroaches, NO heat provided since September 2010 when most of the tenants moved in and bedbugs - tenants are withholding their rent hoping this would kick the Landlord into taking some actio

n to help the problems).

Instead of helping.......
the only action the Landlord has taken is to have filed with the Landlord and Tenant Board to have ALL its tenants evicted due to non-payment of rent.

Work Orders have been issued and ignored, orders from the Health Department have been ignored by the Landlord.

Landlords absolutely REFUSE to help tenants in any way and most of the tenants cannot afford to move. So the tenants are literally being forced to stay in this environment and are basically getting eaten alive at night! :-(

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