1011 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto, ON M6H

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We had our unit sprayed in december. We have been here since the fall. The bedbugs are relentless! I have found them walking up my walls literally. It has been just a few weeks,and I am being bitten again already. Happy new years!! I guess we will be breaking our lease and getting the hell out of here minus our property. thousands down the drain. Bitten in early mid oct. went on a steaming rampage. Found bugs wandering around my closet. more steaming rampage. had an allergic reaction, and woke u

p to live bugs on my pillow (arm swelled up, could not bend it for five days) had the unit sprayed. Bitten again last night. Just found a sub adult chilling in my bathroom and caught it on a piece of tape for posterity. Unacceptable!Fucking gross building. I never thought I would say this in my life, but if it were only roaches, I would be happy to see them...

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Unit was sprayed last week and prepping was a lot of work and expense (laundry, shuffling things around.) Staff in the office is ridiculous, when I walked into the office to double check the work order for my unit was submitted, caught a member of staff treating a neighbour on the same floor incredulously. I called bullshit, because I couldn't believe the cheek of them treating him like it was a shock and they had no idea why he was being bitten, while filling a work order to spray my unit on th

e same floor. Creeps! (they got security...apparently it upsets them when a 5 foot tall woman calmly acuses them of lying.) Don't move here. November 28 2015

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Have been living in this unit Since the 1st of October. Upon viewing the unit, it was spotless...they obviously prepped it. Having a relative who experienced a pest control nightmare recently, I have done everything that I can to prevent infestation since moving in.

The first day that we were here, we spend the better part of two days steam cleaning floors and baseboards, and placing double sided tape around outlets. I was absolutely eaten alive by invisible pests straight away. At least twe

nty bites the first night.

Sine then we have been steaming, keeping the place clutter free. Making use of mattress covers designed to keep them out. Caulking baseboards, and filling holes. Using chemicals for this purpose, and diatomaceous earth everywhere, all at personal cost because it seems clear the company they make use of is not holding up it's end.

Last night, I woke up to find a large bedbug walking accross my pillow like "fuck you guys" and am again covered with welts. This place is a hellhole. I fear I will lose all my personal items to it in the end, and also the main reason we moved here was to have a comfortable space for when my stepchild visits on weekends. We have now had to cancel. I don't want to send anything home with him. I don't want him bit while he is here. Losing sleep!

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Bed bugs, roaches, mentally ill people. I don't blame the mentally ill people as this building has a deal with the government to rent to people from CAMH, the mental health and drug program in Toronto. I lived there for two months before going crazy myself. My apartment was kept clean with bleach, lysol and pine sol but bed bugs would still come as my neighbor had beg bugs.

Management does spray when you report but the building has over 21 floors. All have bed bugs and management knows but pr

etends not to know.

They hike the rent for people not on social assistance. I left that building with my purse and IDs...all my furniture and clothes was thrown out. Over $8,000 gone..I wish I rented in a more expensive place but I did not know there would be bugs or mentally ill people there who could be dangerous. I was verbally attacked my three schizophrenic men one Sunday because they wanted money and I had none.I did not show fear even though I almost peed myself. As a woman I was so proud to have my first apartment but the experience has been traumatic.

I slept in fear and developed insomnia. People were always banging my door from 1am-6am. Sometime the knob would be shaking as though they were trying to break in or burst the lock.

The security guards there are nice and helpful. I'm so grateful to the security guards.


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I am looking to rent here but want to know if this place currently has bed bugs
May 2015

I there, I was wondering if the problem with the bugs has been solved? I am interested in renting an apartment here if so.

Any information helps, thank you.

I live in a high-rise renovated once hotel building. I started to notice the bed bugs after about 3 months of moving into my apartment. Unfortunately, it is not localized and there are about 50 other infested apartments all with the same problem. The chemicals that the Pest control guy used (Which the management has hired because he's the lowest bidder of $12 per unit) has not worked in most cases. This was not my first encounter with this building, the absolute first encounter was in my apartme

nt of 2 years last August, right around the time that the building started redoing the stucco on the outside of the building. My current encounter is under control, but for how long, I have no idea. I'll keep you informed. I've also got some pictures that you may use if you wish.

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