730 St Clarens
Toronto, ON M6H 4E8

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I dont want to put self identifying dates and too many details.

constantly full of bed bugs

- bed bug tenant moves out, 2 sprays = new tenant moves in. The wall spaces are unsealed completely so the bugs hid in the walls and can return. The landlord always tells new tenants that it was a really reliable tenant in before.

-I reported bed bugs in public spaces and they were apathetic, didnèt seem phased and said they legally cant spray in public spaces and denied any could even l

ive in the laundry room. Iève killed 3 in there and a half dozen in the elevator. They use a bed bug resistant spray on the public space couch. They seem to have little knowledge of bed bug control and research nothing, clearly. they violate the 101 rules.
-I mentioned the laundry room and they said that they cannot live there due to the heat, despite having ratty old fabric chairs in there that people sit on. Workers prevent cross transference between apartments with this spray on their shoes.
- The building misinforms tenants about the entire protocal.
- They lie and say they delivered a notice of the next spray, but they totally lied because by then I had thrown out my belongings and moved.
-No one wraps their mattresses to remove them.
- They leave bed bug furnature out and of course people bring it in. No one labels.
- Building does not teach the policy.
- delays their spraying unless you are very assertive and have time to go bug them daily because that is the only way it happens. They give everyone the same buddy buddy routine and play dumb, after you teach them the proper protocol all over the internet. basic stuff. commonsense even. you see them do the same time after time. its all show and I feel bad for the people not able to see this.
- All companies say to keep spraying until they are gone, but this building makes you wait beyond the next spray.
-Prepare for a bug explosion after reporting the very first day that bug was in your house with zero signs on your mattress at that point.
-Somehow over 5 months it equated to 2 sprays.
Even despite showing picture and bites.
-You will wait maybe wait 2-7 weeks even if assertive.
- Chances of getting them twice are very highé
- DO NOT SIT ON THE LOBBY COUCH when coming to see an apartment. '
-Total treatment time by their regular guy is 5 mins including question time.
- Prepare to just abandon your stuff because they will drag on the process to make you pay more rent past the departure date.

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