711 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6G

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It is true, we are suffering from a bed bug issue, the landlord spayed, but I guess it's not enough, the spaying companies are doing the worse job even, giving bullshit reasons of why the bugs aren't dying and each time giving it more reasons.

The landlord tried to fix the problem, by getting the pest control company, he was receptive. but the companies are using methods that arent efficient to spay.

There is budbugs in this apartment. I told landlord about budbugs, but he refused to admit.
He did not spray, did not replace furniture and mattress.

I used to live in this building
I stayed there from oct last year till last Feb
and I have never seen any thing!!

which apartment are you in ?
tell me because im planning to go there again

The apartment had roaches. The landlord denied it but other tenants confirmed that there is a long standing bug problem in the building. Shortly after moving in, we noticed roaches coming out at night. The landlord refused to spray because he says there are no roaches in the building.

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