375 Westmount Ave
Toronto, ON M6E

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Any new reports? Is it still the same management?

it is funny how the management company only began work on this building after the statements were made on this bed bug site. and still this building has issues with roaches and bedbugs, just no one wishes to step forward. the "landlord" never gives notice (as to by LAW) before entering the units for repairs or other reasons....... I have done private investigations with tenants in this building. I will not state what my occupation is for security reasons, but it is my profession.

I do NOT r

ecommend moving into this building.

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the company is FULL of BS!!!!! I had roaches for almost 3 years of living there and I resolved the bed bugs issue on my own because the "landlord" said they were roaches when I showed the bed bugs I had put in a zip lock bag. Regular maintance is NOT done on this building! Things are always broken and repairs take MONTHS!!!! I never had a smoke alarm installed in my unit!!! I asked for it repeatedly. I had repairs needed in my unit, never done until I moved out!!! Also,
they seem to let ANYONE

move in this building without asking for refferences or anything. There are drug junkies living there still to this date, and occupants who are VERY noisey at all times of the day and night! I have a friend who unfortunetly still lives there, as to why I still know all of these issues. For the readers.... you can believe what ever you like. my advice to you when you go to see an apartment ANY WHERE, ask to speak to the tenant alone, then the truth is usually revealed!!!!

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The report about bedbugs is untrue, it has never been reported to the landlord of any incident, also should be noted that this building has had major renovations and still going on, there is maintance done on a monthly basis for roaches and rodents by ORKIN PCO co. If anyone reports that roaches are present the problem is taken care of right away. Whoever wrote this should come directly to the landlord/super, nothing is ignored. This is not anonymous, it is a response from the company.

starting October 2010, when the epidemic in the city of Toronto became an issue, i had bed bugs. i saved 2 of them in a zip lock bag to show my landlord. nothing was ever done about it. I bought products myself and got rid of the bed bugs, and put cocking around all the base boards and cracks. if you cant move for what ever reason. thats my best recommendation!!! also for the past 2 years the building has had roaches. they are too cheap to spray the entire building to get ride of them. these are

HARD to get rid of. repairs in this building are NEVER done or done cheaply so the issue arises shortly after " repaired".

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