1685 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, ON M6E

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So I ended up having to move. THAT'S not inconvenient at all. Aside from this building being in the heart of the jamaican ghetto (super dangerous area, getting followed home from creepsters after work).. it's gross! The landlord told me a bunch of different stories about where they came from, after her husband says "so you're the girl that brought the bedbugs" (yeah, they just magically appeared in my apartment TWO MONTHS after I moved in.

This place is gross, stay away.. illegal entries, har

assing landlords, BEDBUGS, cockroaches!! !They put cockroach bait in my apartment without telling me, another illegal entry... put brown poo-like, stinky disgusting goop ABOVE MY TOOTHBRUSH in MY bathroom without telling me!!!!!

stay away! I will be filing a complaint with the landlord & tenant board.

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I currently live at 1685 Eglinton Avenue West & have bedbugs in my apartment... it's hell really. The landlords likely won't cover the costs that I have incurred to deal with this problem so I will be leaving asap. Do not move in here. The neighbourhood is really sketchy anyhow.

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