989 Eglinton Ave W
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Could somebody please respond with an update on the bedbug situation at Glen Gardens Apartments 989 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto PLEASE? I am considering this location seriously. There were also reports in the past that the building management was intimidating the elderly residents in this retirement complex. Please comment.

Is there any update on a bed bug situation there? I'm considering this building for my friend and not sure if it's safe in terms of bedbugs.

@ November 2012

The first treatment was done and there was little improvement. I actually saw a horde of bedbugs travel up the wall when I moved the bed. It is likely that the unit was not properly prepared so the family got involved and totally prepared the unit.

The second spraying showed a marked improvement. However, a bed bug was found later. We called the super and they checked with management who said we would need to pay for the next spraying. We were okay with that and we were told to call Magi

cal Pest.

We called and then the next three weeks have been frustrating. Magical Pest will not come out unless management calls. Management is not calling - it takes a few days for Helen to return calls. We were then told that if we want to pay for a private spraying that Magical Pest would need to charge us for an assessment. The spraying was last done in mid-October and I have to pay to have it assessed? I can see the bed bugs - I can see the blood on the sheets from the bites!
Then last week we were assured that Magical Pest would call Helen directly for us. Nothing has happened. Today the customer service rep admitted that they do not keep track of our conversations so each rep starts from scratch when we call.

The problem is not with Magical Pest so much as the process. The building doesn't want residents calling Magical Pest directly. We are willing to pay to fix the problem! The bed bugs are getting worse, the tenant's clothes are all stored at a family's house and all of her pictures and bedroom items are in bags and we are told we need another two treatments because of the delay!

Why isn't the building helping us help them?

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What all the tenants disclosed here are all true. Management are doing selective spraying, not very smart! Survival will keep the bugs transferring to other units and back again to where they feast on when the unit is again safe! What a waste of time...it is a pain when you need to find a place to stay for 24 hours when your unit was or will be sprayed!!!
If the Foundation is smart, they will spray an entire level at a time from top level going down...that's if they are SMART!!! I mean the

Foundation, which we hope is still dependable because the two people they hired to manage the apartment? They are no brainer!!! And please have the common hall and hallway vacuumed everyday so the bed bugs will not hide in the carpets, please!!!!
Do not abuse the seniors living in the buildings, the pay their rents and deserved to be treated with respect. Do not pass on the excuses on us because we once lived with dignity and satisfaction without much complaints 4 years ago!

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They do take care of the bugs but at what cost!
When they have to go through with the "heat treatment" - obviously the two previous treatment did no work - they tell you that if there is any damage to your property the people who apply the treatment are not responsible.
Tennants are not to be viewed as a source of income for the Corporation and if they decide carry on as they have they

may find themselves with no tenants and NO INCOME.

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July 18, 2011

It is not surprising in the least to read the detailed comments made by tenants in this building about management and the way they handle, or don't handle, the bed bug problem which has existed here for several years now.

Generally, management from the top down - the "top" being DMS Property Management, and buildling management being Terence Rowe (Ted) and his wife, Helen - dismiss, deny, ignore and/or refute whatever tenants say, holding us in contempt and making it a poin

t to call us foolish. It is very distressing for senior citizens to be yelled at, talked down to, unjustly blamed, and ridiculed. It is inexcusable. As one tenant sadly but correctly put it, the seniors here are 'afraid to make waves'. Management has created an environment in which this is, unfortunately, the case.

As for the bed bug situation, we are kept in the dark about the actual truth as to the seriousness of the problem. Even though it is not a health hazard, living in this environment is psychological terror. Moreover, we don't really know what is being done, or not done in individual apartments. We are not informed. We just get bits of information from each other, and we try to put the pieces together. In short, we are just supposed to accept it, whatever way they do it, or don't do it.

The fact is, there are bed bugs throughout the building at this point. The problem was never dealt with properly from the beginning. No doubt keeping costs to a minimum was a priority. It is, however, our experience that management misleads and/or lies to us. The fact is, some new tenants were told there is no bed bug problem when, in fact, there definitely was a problem. Some tenants have moved because of it.

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I have been a tenant for the past year. Before signing the lease, I asked the superintendent, Ted and Helen if there was ever a problem with bed bugs. Their answer was no - never. Well there are bed bugs now in my apartment as well as several other apartments. I have learned that this has been an ongoing problem for at least 3 years and registered with our MP. My place has had partial treatment, but the bugs are still there. I am terrified to stay in my apartment at night. I have slept thi

s past week in my car.
Other tenants as well as myself have many bed bug bites. Management doesn't return my calls, Ted and Helen yell and scream at tenants saying they are complainers. Most tenants are older senior citizens and don't want to "rock the boat".
The building should be debugged all at one time, not piece meal - the bugs just move to another location.

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Alright. This is preposterous.... but true.
Moved in May 1. Asked if building had any bed bug problems. They assured me a previous bed bug problem, that sprouted in 2008, had been dealt with thoroughly and no problem existed. It's now July 12, the building is infested top to bottom, I haven't slept a good nights sleep since June 22 (I stay up and exterminate them myself - my walls covered with blood), and I'm no longer able to have my grandchildren visit. Management continues to deny to

all tenants and themselves. The whole building must be sprayed. Hopefully the city will step in.

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This seniors building has been having bed bug problems since the fall of 2008 but because the management is not informing/educating the tenants the bugs are spreading.

March 17, 2009 bugs were found in the common areas. These areas were sprayed 2 months ago.

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