450 Arlington Ave
Toronto, ON M6C

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I did Google his name, Jack Steinman the Landlord and you can see your self what I am talking about, there is also info
also see
Bed bugs reports on his other buildings on 26 Balmoral and 1592 Bathurst St
reports about his practice about garbage, infestation, unsafe and unsanitary conditions, illegal entry, all which I experienced on 450 Arlington Ave., where I moved on 1 October 2014 and was forced to leave to save my l

ife and sanity.
Jack Steinman and his tremendous disrespect for the law, By-laws, no compassion or understanding. Me and my pets being exposed to sewage drain placed middle of living area producing life threatening gas fumes, offensive odour, mould and infestation of cockroaches, bed bugs bites on my body and vermin and garbage outside my window on ongoing base with broken screen on window never repaired or replaced. Facing illegal entry, just name it. Horror and the City officials tolerating all this?! They should be hold acountable for that as well.
He owe many buildings in Toronto and more less same story.
I moved out after one month of suffering and going to LTB with my applications T2 and T6, but I believe he will get away with it, just because of his position and conections in Government.
I will go public with my story, just waiting for the Member. Luis Horton to made her decision in June 2015 as I want to wait and want to see how far he goes.
4 apt empty as of now out of 7apt and one, mine the basement most likely illegally and deffinetely very poorly converted from some laundry or storage room
It it pure embarasement for the city of Toronto that's for sure and I contacted the City Hall and the Mayer's office the Enforcement Unit the Municipal Licensing Standards the Health Inspector the City Canceller issued tickets with 311 service so far he just got Orders which he ignored and didn't cooly with but every thing comes to end one day.
I wish I can post the pictures here, so you can see.

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Do. Not. Live. Here.!!!!!

The fact that it is never fully full is a great sign that something is wrong.. and a sign I wish I would have paid attention to before moving in. Yes. The place is cheap, big and in a good neighbourhood... but do not be fooled. The place is NASTY. Although we did not personally have bed bugs, we heard of other units that did. The biggest issue here, however, is cockroaches. The place is absolutely filled. You cannot go a day without seeing 20. They are everywhere and

no matter how clean you keep your unit, they are there. Living here was hell and I don't recommend it to anyone. The landlord is incapable of doing anything at this point. The whole building should be demolished.

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