440 Winona Dr
Toronto, ON M6C

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move to north york bathurst and steeles there are no bugs up here

I found bed bugs on or around September 1, 2011 i immediately went to the superintendant to inform him of the bed bugs and asked him if there were other apartments in the building dealing with bed bug he stated, yes and it's on my floors and all around me. i was told that i must give 5 days notices to get treatment for my apartment. I asked why i couldn't be told and strayed to prevent it from coming into my apartment. i then found out it's on all 6 flrs of the building and it's only a 6 story f

lr apartment building. please help us to emlinate the problem here. i have been told by my neighbour that they have been straying/treatments to their apt for 6 months. and another neighbour for a year now. I will be getting my treatment on september 23, 2011 and I must following the roach inc companies instructions or i will be penialized $40. i asked for help to lift my bed on the wall as required and was refused help. i'm a single person and my bed is far to heavy being a king size bed to lift up by myself. i know there are many more single people living here and would need help from the bed bug task team or another team that help the elderly or mental health or simple to help with the prep when there is no one else to ask for this. I have received help to remove my bed from a staff member at nameres men shelter, thanks god for him. I bought a streamer and have been doing all that is neccessary to battle them. in talking with the super I have felt humilated and was told well no one else is camplain of this now that i have them, sure i could have gotten them on the subway coming home. yet I'm requesting your help with notice and possible helping the management company do what they can to help us get rid of them. i'm shock and surprised we are not on this registry with the amount of treatments that are goin on in this building

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