336 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C

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Extremely Clean! No bugs! Excellently renovated! Friendly owner! He has been my landlord the last.. 4yrs no problems. So who ever wrote the bad comment is malicious and wrong..

The negative comments posted about 336 and 338 Vaughan Rd. Toronto,On are false and maliscious.

They were posted by a punk that did not get the apartment that was for rent. He did not qualify and when he was turned down he tried to bully his way into getting the place. Although, that did not work.

It's pretty sad that certain people resort to such petty measures.

As for the apartments, come see for yourselves. The place is spectacular, built in the Edwardian Era. Renovated in keeping

with it's original charm and character throughout.

Most importantly. NO BUGS EVER!!!!

Blessings to all...

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Roach-like bugs in light fixture and bed bugs.

There are several apartments in this complex of 336 and 338 Vaughan Road. All owned by the same man. Do not rent here. If you value your sanity and peace of mind, stay far far away.

The landlord is untrustworthy and shady. He puts on a front that he is a kind hearted old man, when in reality he looks for reasons to put you down and cause strife between yourself and others. Above all he is a liar.

Save yourself the trouble. I w

ish I had.

Good luck to you all.

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