2121 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M6C

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April 2010 Bedbugs were found in apt. 411 and the management tried to keep it quite but eventually the rumors were flying around the building. Mgmt. denied it and said they were ladybugs. They attempted to spray the apartments above and below and on either side, but the people above and below refused so they weren't done. They told the tenants on eith side that they had to move their furniture two feet out from the wall and did not give them any assistance in doing this (there are many strong

men here on staff). One lady was quite eldery and not well and she hurt herself doing this. They allowed the tenant and her caregivers in 411 to continue to use the laundry room and sit on our beautiful new furniture in the lobby while their apartment was being sprayed and given heat treatments. The infestation was severe so the treatments went on for months. Initially, the caregivers were trying to hide the problem as they were the ones that brought them in in the first place so by the time they were forced to report it - it had become a huge infestation. Mgmt. continued to deny it and lied to all of us. They should be forced to disclose this by the City.

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