2100 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M6C

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The building full of roaches. They are everywhere.

How is this location now??

We live on the 2nd floor - the last tenants spread this brown gum everywhere which keeps ants away, but we get the occasional millipede and silverfish - not to mention a healthy dose of spiders. The bedbugs are a problem too, as the whole building is covered with filthy old carpet - our unit included.

this place is a mess with ants / mice and bed bugs.
the superintendant was a guy named Colin who was always drunk and stoned and didnt care about tenants issues when reported..
i lived there for about several year on the main floor and the drunk manager Colin lived down the hall. I reported the bad bed bugs and bites, he said just call greenwinners and they can deal woth the bed buggers..
dont move in that dump, its badly infested and mice in the basement lockers and bed bugs all over the flo

ors, it is a 4 level building and the other people upstairs had Ants / bed bugs and mice.

report this to the manager and if they dont do anything dont pay the rent, let them take u to the Landlord tenamt board and fight for yor $$$ back... beg bugs are killing us all..

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