201 Vaughan Rd
Toronto, ON M6C

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Lived there for one year. I was one of the ones with cash (so yes they do rent to anyone with it). The building is only ever 30% to 60% mental health tenants.

The building suffers from a split in management, there is two companies that run it and supers change often. They do respond accordingly when bed bugs are found (3 times when I was there) but they are often only reported when someone moves.

This building is at most a year old. It is a transitional home for tenants coming from psychiatric hospitals.
The landlord does NOT rent to "anyone" with cash.
You must be recommended by a heath care professional to live there.
Yes it may have some schizophrenic tenants. But do you really think insulting them will cure the bedbug problem.
This building being a government building is well cared for and any problems dealt with in a timely manor.

Bedbugs in this building were dealt with quickly and professionally by a licensed pest control company. The outbreak was minor at most as it was dealt with quickly.

The building is clean and well cared for.

Security has recently been beefed up by cameras and monitors.

this small building is generally scummy, and they make a habit of renting to anyone with cash. tenants are mostly crack users and criminals. one severe schizophrenic came straight from the streets and brought them in. exterminator said it was one of the worst cases he'd seen, since it went unreported for so long. 3 exterminations and 2 companies later, they're still rampant in many units. i began noticing bites in the fall of '09, but my com[plaints went unaddressed until a tenant was evicted &

while emptying his belongings from the unit, bedbugs were seen in overwheming numbers & of excessive size. once his possessions had been bagged, the bedbugs could be seen moving underneath the plastic. exterminators visited a few times this summer ('10) but in each case, 'discount' companies were used & their methods were completely ineffective. aside from ruining the upholstry on my furniture, the steam/poisions made absolutly no difference. at least with all the ants and mice and maggots, bedbugs feel right at home.

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