1582 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M6C

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I agree with everything below. Today there are 3 different couches tossed out in front of the building. That says it all.

Living in this building has been complete hell. I've been here for almost a year and have had the ORKIN people come twice. The second time the bed bugs came, I was blamed for causing them. I had never even SEEN a bed bug before moving here. Everytime you report your bedbugs they force you to remove all of your clothes and belongings from the apartment so they can spray and its absolute chore and nightmare. The most recent time my place was sprayed was in the summer - but the bedbugs never went

away. I live in absolute hell with rashes all over my arms and my boyfriend also is covered in rashes and am dying to move. when i move, i will have to buy a new bed and couch because they have been completely ravaged by the bed bugs.

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I've been living here for 3 years and every year there are recurrences of bed bugs in spite of the multiple sprayings. I would not recommend moving here as you may be fine for a while and then it comes back again. It's just not worth the risk. Also there are multiple renovations that need to be done and it appears the landlord has neglected the building for decades.

I'm pretty sure this is for 1592 Bathurst st, and I used to live here in December 2010 - April 2011. At first there were no issues but by January I was being eaten alive. My mom and I told management and they told us it was a PERSONAL PROBLEM!!! We did NOT and NEVER had bed bugs before moving into this apartment complex. It is not a personal problem when you live in an apartment building with cracks in your floor 2 inches wide. No. They brought in an exterminator to MY APARTMENT and that is all.

Even the exterminator said in order to get rid of a bed bug problem in an apartment complex, each and every room in the building needs to be sprayed. They failed to realize this. And the bed bugs did not leave.
And because we lived there during the winter months and moved out just as the weather was getting better, we noticed as we were leaving the insane rat infestation they had. It was disgusting and I am glad I left.
Worst building ever.

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august 2011, bedbugs on the carpet in the hallway coming through the door and eating me for dinner.

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