370 Ridelle Ave
Toronto, ON M6B

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I haven't seen any bed bugs here. But the super is still hostile.

There were bedbugs in the building, when I lived there in 2010-2011, we were treated four times, but they kept coming back.
I saw a couple of bugs in an unused washer, so they were in the building, and likely in other apartments too. While the landlady had us treated within days of our first incident, she would not acknowledge that they were in the building, and she became hostile when we had to be treated again. She did still have someone come over within the usual time, though she did not s

eem to understand that some of the things we were doing, such as removing the light fixtures, were because that's what we were instructed to do.
Our entire ordeal with them lasted 9 months, until we finally moved out, and we have seen nothing since then.

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