145 Marlee Ave
Toronto, ON M6B

Found 10 reports:

Can anyone tell me if there are any recent bedbug reports at this address?....thinking of renting here.....


Haven't seen any bugs here, it's a clean building, been living here for few years.

I would like to know if the problems with bed bugs still exist? I might be moving in, not sure now....

Became aware of infestation in early 2014. We suspect someone in a nearby apartment had them or someone who was using the laundry room.

Covered any holes in the walls, laid DE around perimeter of room, covered mattress, bagged and steamed everything. During that time I noticed others in the laundry room with welts on their arms doing excessive laundry from large ziploc bags. Haven't seen any sign of bugs in several months, but can only speak for our apartment.

i lived in this place for a year and the place is nice!!
my ex-wife still lives there with her 2 kids and she is happy

We are thinking to move to this place, however we saw these reports and got worried. we wonder if these problems continue.

I have three month here as one of my friends advice.

I want to live but they are chrging me for the whole year.

There are a lot of bedbug here and my family got infection.

We had to go to the doctor and took the proper medicine.

The mamnagement didn't wanted to take any resposibility for what heppened.

We are shocked as never happened in our life to get that kind of infections from bedbugs.

i like to report bedbug in this building.
don;t think this building it the best.
please don;t move to this building it look nice but is not.

I was very interested in moving into this building/complex. Up until the immediately preceding report, there have been absolutely no negative reports of any kind on this building.

Can the anonymous poster who posted concerning bugs & mice please elaborate?

When/how did you discover these problems? Do you still live there? How is management dealing with your complaints? Have they been proactive and accommodating?

It would be great if you could provide us with some further details on yo

ur situation so that those of us considering this building will have something more concrete to go on.


see full report...

Unit 1015, infested with both bedbugs and mice.

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