350 Queens Quay W
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We've had ant problems for many months in the bathroom of all places, but lately there have been cockroaches coming up through the kitchen sick. It's disgusting. We have lived here many years but it's time to move out, since things have been getting worse instead of better.

The main problem with this place is that the management is extremely dishonest and corrupt. They will lie about anything, including about the existence of bedbugs. DO NOT MOVE IN HERE! You have been warned.

This building definetly has bed bugs that's for sure! Sooner or later someone is gonna lawsuit this place! Don't rent places that are infested. Piece of shit.

I live on the 13th floor and have since 2009 (now 2015). I have an infestation of ants even after the whole apartment (and building) were sprayed less than a month ago. I was told the spraying was for beg bugs, but they would also spray for roaches (since I had seen two) and ants since I complained about them. Since the spraying I have seen one cockroach and the ants keep coming. Never had a problem with bed bugs though. I believe that most of the bug problems are happening due to the major r

enovations of the apartments, but it is still unacceptable, especially since rent has gone way up, noise is daily and current tenants get no upgrades for all this disruption. Time to look for somewhere new to live.

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I am on the 13th floor and they did a preventative check on my floor last week with a planned spray this week. Not sure what other units got the inspection. I haven't experienced any issues (biting, seeing any bugs, etc) but it is worrying to know that they are conducting these tests.

@ "Anon on 02/19/2011. No more. The problem was years ago, guys."

Bed bugs have adapted to the unpredictable habits of humans. If given time to go dormant—for example, in a vacation cabin that slowly gets cooler, then cold over fall and winter—bed bugs can survive, living without a meal for many months while waiting for humans to return. The quick penetration of killing cold (or heat) is the key to any temperature treatment.

Bed bugs in my unit for the second time, first time was in 2010. The first time they were slow to act in 2010 and now in Sept. and Oct., 2011, the building manager was slow to acknowledge the first spray. Then she scheduled a spray. I've been asked to "trap them in a jar" and bring them to the rental office. Emails from her still do not acknowledge they are actually present and she says the spray they'll do is "precautionary" only. This is what you're dealing with in this building.

September 23, 2011.

Bed bugs reported by my neighbor. I'm worried I'll get them too.

My and my boyfriend have been waking up really itchy and he has bumps all over him but I somehow do not. I have heard that some people react differently to bed bugs and maybe this is the case. There are also ants that seem to be crawling up through the shower and taps. I am a clean freak, and know this can't be a cause of my own.

Anon 02-19, please share with us how you came to have x-ray vision to know what is going on in each unit in the building?

No more. The problem was years ago, guys.

We had bed bugs, on the 6th floor. Only in one beed room. we have a two bedroom. we had someone come in and spray. the exterminator said that its most likely pretty much the whole building has it.

Yes, anyone who has more info about this please share...and the precautions that have been taken.

NOt sure where u guys are but if you're comfortable saying the floor. I'm on the 9th floor.

August 7, 2010. Bed bugs galore. Shoot me now. :( I hate this building! We got them when we brought up some furniture from the 4th floor storage room.

Might be a little irrelevant now but I just found the site. The entire 7th, 8th, and 9th floors were cleared and sprayed for bed bugs. My roommate had bed bug bites as his room was closest to the heating unit and his mattress and box spring right on the floor.

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