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Thanks T.V. for informing of this website. She was a potential tenant scheduled for a viewing on the top floor unit a few days ago. This unit is not and still not affected. She honestly informed me that she wasn't interested because of the concern of the bed bugs. I was fine with her decision not to come for a viewing. It is her right.

My name is Danny. I am the superintendent/property manager for the company that owns this building. The FACT is I informed and the surrounding/neighbour

ing tenants and checked the units WITH THEM. I informed them the situation with the affected unit from day 1 back in end of July when I was first made aware of the situation. Who wants bed bugs? I certainly don't. It's not good for anyone! The affected unit was renovated and finished this year in February of 2010. They were the first tenants in this renovated unit. It was empty and clean before they moved in. There was no bed bugs until reported at the end of this past July. That is about 6 months. There is still no report of bed bugs in any of the surrounding neighbouring units of the groundfloor. If you don't believe me you can call me at 416 566 3918 and I'll introduce you to the tenants who were made aware of the situation and checked their units for any pests and signed documents to this effect. Everyone wants and deserves a clean and bugfree environment which this unit was.
I offered the affected unit tenant for them to move out and terminate the lease early so the unit can be treated for the second time and I will refund remaining rent for the month. He declined. I gave notice for second treatment for his room. It was declined/and I was asked that I wait til they move out. The unit was treated with professional grade products from a professional pest control company. Pest control company instructed a minimum second treatment is required. The unit was given notice for treatment and he declined and he called/asked me to wait til he moves until tomorrow. Second treatment for his room will happen tomorrow when remaining furniture/items are removed.

It is now August 30 and since the end of July the surrounding neighbouring units on the groundfloor units have not been affected or reported to me about bed bugs or other pests. Of course you can ask the ground floor tenants - whoever is interested in FINDING the TRUTH and not from some nameless author(s) who don't want to take credit for their story. Who are these writers...do they live here? Did they ask the groundfloor tenants? The answer is NO because they are irresponsible and dishonourable people.
The top floor units were/are NOT affected. Come call me.

The former tenants of this particular unit (renovated last November 2009) decided to dishonour the lease early even without their unit not being affected. I am fine with these particular tenants leaving early I will not fight for or fight with these 'tenants' that want to leave early. Potential tenants viewing the top floor unit commented on these particular tenants that the messy/dirty state/condition and smell they left behind. The windows were left open to air it out for couple of days. It is fine now with help from Lysol and Febreze. They left the floors dirty especially the bathroom floors/toilet/tub. They left the place dirty. I accommodated them breaking the lease early and they leave it dirty. How appreciative and nice of these 'people'. If you don't believe me come see the condition or I will show you pictures of the unclean state of 'these particular tenants' that left behind or talk to the NEW tenants that signed to move in this
September 1st of this top floor unit. And for the record they were made aware of the bed bug situation. They just asked me that the unit will be clean when they move in. If there's any doubt please call me and I'll introduce the new tenants.

For the author of this website you should recommend contributing authors take credit for their story. That's what journalists or columnists would do right? If you want to be taken serious take credit...because they would take credit for their stories.

You are more than welcome to contact me at my email or call me and I will introduce you to my groundfloor tenants who were informed and their respected units checked or anything else you would like to discuss.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Yup. Bedbugs on the ground floor of this building. Landlord is taking a "do it yourself" approach to pest control, which strikes me as foolhardy in the extreme. What's even more infuriating is that the landlord has known about the infestation for a month now, and has not informed any of the tenants in the building who are (as of yet) unaffected - if he bothered to let them know, they could take appropriate precautions (caulking baseboards, applying diatomaceous earth, or even just breaking the l

ease before the infestation spreads to their unit.) Do not move into this building.

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CAUTION! The landlord at this address does not take this problem seriously. Had a pest control guy in to confirm bugs, but the landlord was too cheap to pay for professional treatment (tried to have us believe a professional was returning when it was just him with inneffective commercial products). This situation is exhausting and insulting- landlord trying to rent this apartment for sept 1st- DONT MOVE IN! You will be bug food, and lied to about what's going on. Seeing more and more matresses o

ut on the street covered in powder.

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