40 Kensington Ave
Toronto, ON M5T

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last summer the previous tennants moved to saskatchewan, due too bed bugs. One year later, the apartment above Lolas is again having problems with BED BUGS.

The landlord showed up with "bug be gone" a can of raid basically and is claiming to renovate, although, from what I have heard the reno's are all esthic.

It's a shame. I have had to live like this for 5 weeks. I have had the place fumigated but last week I saw a bug crawling out of the electrical outlet. The entire buildin

g needs too be sprayed by professionals.

I have had to throw out most of my belongings and spend money that I dont have.

all the best, Rob Ford needs too address this epicdemic and tennants and owners alike should take responsibilty.

In Solidarity

Robin Barnett

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