39 Kensington Ave
Toronto, ON M5T

Found 4 reports:

I know this house better than anyone, I've lived here a long time. There are no bed bugs at 39 Kensington Ave, & never have been! The reports here are mischief & completely false. They are posted by a former tenant with mental issues & a petty grudge. Don't be the least bit influenced.

I have tried to get this site to remove these reports- MACIEJ CEGLOWSKI, please contact me!- but like a lot of net content, they just lie here like dog turds on the sidewalk.

Live in landlord is a hoarder who keeps dozens of mattresses he finds on the streets. Rooms and hallways filled with mattresses. I refused to let him store mattresses in my room (he pushed hard for this) but bed bug infestation seems likely.

After renting one of the rooms, I got weird "breakouts" on my back, so I googled why I all of a sudden got this. Turns out it was very similar to bedbug bites and considering how the house is kept, it's very probable.

Looked at room to rent it out, furniture included. Room was nice but I went to inspect mattress topper in the seams (knowing that Toronto has a bed bug problem) and noticed fecal stains and what could have been skin matter caused by bed bugs.

No nearby bug reports