215 College St
Toronto, ON M5T

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As of August 31st the bed bug situation at 215 College Street is under control.
An entire building spray took place the first week of August and subsequent sprayings of affected units took place 2 weeks later.
As of this date (Sept. 19/10)no more units have been affected and the building maintenance supervisor has kept a constant vigil and is dealing with any further affected units if they should arise.
To note, this co-op has never had a problem like this before, and property management me

mbers (and staff) will be on top should the critters make another appearance.

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215 College St. in Toronto is part of Cawthra Mansions Co-op, a non-profit housing cooperative that consists of 70 units in 3 buildings -- 219, 215 and 211 College St.

215 is the middle building and bedbugs have been found here since mid-June 2010 and have spread from the original infested unit to about 10 units so far. Bedbugs have also been found in the laundry room. So far, only units with demonstrated bedbugs have been sprayed. Multiple sprayings in these units have not yet brought the si

tuation under control.

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