106 Beverley St
Toronto, ON M5T

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The "new" furniture that the building brought in from their other property is not bedbug safe. A tenant on my floor had accidently nicked the side of the bed when he was moving it for spraying. Shortly after, he saw bedbugs coming out of the crack.

When he took the bed outside to hose it down the office worker yelled at him about "ruining the furniture" even though it is designed to be taken apart and put back together, and they implicated that he brought the bugs in the building.

They ar

e also trying to evict someone who, obviously being disgusted and not knowing what else to do, threw an item full of bedbugs onto the floor. This was in the kitchen!

They are not taking responsibility or trying to help tenants in getting rid of the infestation at all!

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The office will not take proper action to get rid of the infestation. They only spray a unit once, not taking care of the eggs. I had to contact Public Health before they would spray my unit, because they said they did not see any sign of an infestation. When I showed them a cockroach (another issue the building has) they told me I "could have got that from anywhere"

i am a resident of this building and know for a fact that there are several units in here that are infested with bed bugs. The residents of these units either refuse to have their rooms sprayed. Or bring them into the building. On february 26 2011 at 10 am i was doing laundry in the "newly renovated" laundry room. When i went to put my clothes in the dryer the 1st washer had hundreds of bed bugs. Dead ones but yet still bed bugs. They were infront of the washer on the ground. On the glass front

of the washer, inside it, behind it. I did take pictures and have several witnesses to that situation. A report was made to the person on duty and was told that the managment doesnt leave any spray. If managment knows that there is a bed bug problem they should have the proper supplies to take care of situation. They also need to make it mandatory for all rooms to be sprayed. There are people that live here that still have yet to have their rooms sprayed from the initial infestation. Its unsanitary and ridiculous that people are forced to live in these conditions. I am upset with the way things are being handled and think the City of Toronto or Health Inspectors need to come take a look. There are many other concerns not just bed bugs and its about time these issues are addressed.

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As of late November 2010, only a few weeks after spraying many common areas in the building, one was seen crawling up the wall in a hallway full of resident units.

Multiple tenants do not volunteer to have their units sprayed. Until every unit is sprayed, this issue will not be resolved.

there is bed bugs at 106 beverley street, november 18th 2008, most of the 4 floors have at least one room with bed bugs. i have been suffering here as my neighbour is resistent to clear his mountain of stuff out and spray through pest control as he is all natural. i am being bitten every second day with intense scratching and welts. Some of the rooms are clean as management has sprayed as room infestations come up, however this problem will not be eliminated only reduced until every room is spr

ayed and all common areas constantly as bugs move from room to room through walls via pipes wiring.

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