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I found the ad for a basement apartment as one room of a 3 room basement apartment complete with kitchenette. The landlord (Sandy) didn't inform me of a prior bedbug problem prior to paying my deposit and first month's rent. Since I didn't want to move in during the month of August 2012, which I payed for, I got a sub letter to fill my spot and pay me for the last 3 weeks of the month. When September 1st approached, the date I planned to move in, I received little communication from the landl

ady. The day before I moved in, my sub letter informed me he had been bitten by bedbugs. THe land lady then admitted the house had a bed bug problem 2 years prior, and then continued by saying she had fixed the current problem by spraying it once again. I didn't like this, so I asked for my deposit back.

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