666 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5S

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I left the report on November 7th, and I'm just reporting my experience on the 9th floor. I don't know why another post with similar phrasing appeared.

To update, I haven't seen an adult roach since last summer, although I have encountered a handful of small nymphs since then.

Just pointing out two posts with very similar sentences and dates - this suggests someone is whitewashing the problems:

Anonymous on 11/07/2015
"This is after all a 25 story building in a densely populated urban area. There are always going to be pests."

Craig on 11/09/2015
"After all, this is a 25 story building in a busy populated area. There are always going to be pests and there will always be some unhappy people."

I have been dealing with cockroach issues with this apartment building for a long time now. I have had my apartment sprayed multiple times, but they keep coming back. No matter how clean you keep your apartment, they will come back. You initially think this is a great place to live to be close to U of T and study. You’ll spend a lot of spare time fighting roaches, so be prepared for that. The real residents of this building are the roaches, and we just share apartments with them.

I enjoy living here at Spadina Towers. I have had no issues since moving in this past September. I even saw one of my University Professors, I guess he lives here too! LOL

We love this building. It is close to everything. We have had no issues with any kind of bugs...and Management have been very kind. Loving it here!!

I was thinking of moving to this building. Four of my closest friends all live there and we are students. None of them have said any horrible things or say that they have seen any pests. So I decided to look on these sights. Some things are horrible.

After all, this is a 25 story building in a busy populated area. There are always going to be pests and there will always be some unhappy people.

I have been living in this building since September of 2013. Regarding cockroaches, while they are present, I can't say I have seen them in the numbers being reported here. They appear to behave seasonally; they are more common in the summer than in the colder seasons.

That said, at the peak of roach season I only found less than half a dozen in the span of a month, far less than I 'ought to be seeing if there were an active infestation. I did take some cautionary measures such as sealing up

entry points I can find and putting down insect repellent in my washroom though.

All in all, while I can't say that I'm pleased at the presence of the insects, I have never encountered the supposed hordes of roaches being spoken about on this page, and sticky trap monitoring seems to confirm that, at least if you and your neighbours are keeping reasonably clean, you should not encounter many, if you encounter any at all. (The monitors only caught 3 over the course of a month, leading me to believe that they were scavengers rather than infestors.)

This is after all a 25 story building in a densely populated urban area. There are always going to be pests.

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I am moving in Dec. 1st/15. My friend lives there are she said she don't have any issues. I have already signed my Lease. I will just have to see. When I looked at the apartment and the building...it looked pretty clean.


It is very interesting to me that the only positive comments about this apartment are all posted within a few days from each others. Its clear to me that landlords are desperate to move people into this unliveable place.

I am a student and have had horrible experiences with landlords and living conditions but never as bad as 666 Spadina. We moved in September 1 and on our first night saw a

cockroach on the wall in the hallways followed by another in our apartment. We got the place sprayed. Three weeks later we saw a total of 10 bugs in one day and got the place sprayed again with a different chemical. Only 5 days later another 3 cockroaches.

Instead of addressing this issue the landlords decide to renovate the lobby to make it look more inviting to perspective tenants instead of dealing with the problem.


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Living in the Annex isn't cheap, but Spadina Towers is within budget for my husband and I. We have lived here for a little over 3 years. The buiding looks old from the outside, but Management has been renovating the entire building with new windows and balcony doors as well as the hallways and corridors and lobby. At least Management puts effort into making the buiding livable.

The Subway Station is a 3 minute walk away. Everything is so accessible. So many shops and restaurants close by. I l

ove living here!

You can find cheaper places, but they probably won't be in the heart of everything, and if they're anywhere close to downtown, any less money will get you a dump. I Would recommend living in Spadina Towers if you can pay a little more.

All the work orders I have filed were dealt with immediately, and without any trouble. I would put a work order in, go to work, and when I come home, the work would be done. Visitor parking is above ground, even though it's pay parking, none of my visitors have ever complained about the price because it's still cheaper than parking on the street...and this keeps non-visitors from using the lot. I can't speak for everybody, but we are happy here!

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My Daughter and I enjoy living at this building. The staff and management have always been good to us. Whenever there was an issue in my unit, they were prompt at dealing with it to get things done. We have been living here since 2011. I am shocked to hear all of this negativity. I highly recommend this building and love it here!

I lived here for a little over a year, and was incredibly pleased with the entire experience. I dealt with Natasha at the H.O. when signing my Lease. She was very pleasant to deal with. The on-site staff were friendly, efficient, honest and helpful. Gordana was always pleasent to deal with, and though sometimes more than one phone call was needed in order to have something checked out or fixed, staff were always quick to get things done. There are lots of lights from the many windows and they se

emed fairly well maintained from tenant to tenant. Management have been renovating the entire building. Noise did not seem to be too much of an issue provided the number of students living there, and the building seemed secure and safe. I have not experienced any pest issues. I would recommend this complex to nearly anyone.

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Well no building is perfect! I have lived in this building for 5 + years and I have enjoyed it here very much. It is close to my school and work and I have never had any problems with bugs or mice, or anything that previous people are talking about. Management have always been pleasant to me. I guess you can't judge a building by what complaints you read. There are always going to be people with complaints!

The most cock roach infested hell hole of a building. I stayed on the 16th floor of this blister for 3 weeks and had a nightmare fighting cockroaches. There were simply hundreds of them swarming in from the kitchen into the living area, in my bed, in my suitcase - everywhere.

The building is unnaturally humid because the managers have not installed air conditioning. The common areas look like they have had a lot spent on renovations recently but no air con??

Send me an email at acodesmit

[email protected] and I'll send you a picture of all the dead ones that I trapped and killed while living there.

It's enough to give you nightmares.

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I lived in two apartments here during 2012-2013. I constantly heard mice. When I moved up to the 22nd floor my cat actually killed a mouse and brought it to me. Other than that, I had no problems with bed bugs or roaches. Well, other than management.

DO NOT MOVE HERE. Seriously. I've been living here for two years and am now moving out because of the cockroaches. I keep a very tidy place yet I constantly see cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom. I noticed them in May and the management has sprayed 3 times and they keep coming back because all that spraying does is force the roaches to go to another unit either beside, above, or below. I WISH I COULD POST PHOTOS BECAUSE THEY'RE EVEN IN THE HALLWAYS ON THE WALLS AND OTHER UNITS DOORS EVEN D

URING THE DAY. Its fucking nasty.

Trust me when I say don't move here. They're even giving a months free rent for new tenants because so many people are moving out. Fucking brutal.

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DONT move here! There are millions of roaches in every corner of the building. Everyone I know can't wait to get out of here, my life is hell :(
As if the previous property manager Gordana wasn't pathetic enough to talk to, the new manager called Sheri is absolutely mean and a down right b****.
Now that it is inspection time before we all move out from our apartments, they are charging everyone for the tiniest marks that were there from before, while there are no before or after pictures to pr

ove anything.
When you come to sign a lease, she will be the nicest person, and once you're in, sorry but not even GOD can help you! They talk to you like they own you as well as the roaches.

They are now offering first month free rent for the next years lease since word has spread about how nasty and infested the building is, they are also decreasing rents. But you'd rather live on the road side, it'll be cleaner!

The ultimate management: Cromwell, is the mother of all evils to deal with.


Your welcome!

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The woman who works in the main office has her head up her butt and shouldn't have a job where she has to deal with other people. Rude on numerous occasions.

THe building is infested with roaches!!! I moved into the building in June for a short summer sublet until September (2015) and I can't wait to move out. We started finding about 10+ roaches every night after moving, we called pest control and it went down for a bit. We started finding roaches in the hallways and in the apartment again a week ago, called pest control again and no change. Those mofo's keep coming out every night. We had to surround the bed with glue traps and all of our food is i

n ziploc bags and a giant air tight container. We vacuum and clean the floors twice a day, same with the kitchen and bought covers for the drain and door with no improvement whatsoever. Yesterday the roaches started climbing down the roof and now we are terrified to sleep with roaches falling into the bed.
The good location is not worth the hassle.
We tried to talk to management about the state of the unit and the woman was extremely rude. When booking the pest control visits we asked her how long would we have to wait ( approximately) for them to schedule a visit and she yelled at us that she's busy and that she would eventually get around to it.
Fellow U of T students, unless you're a roach lover stay away from here.

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Probably the worst decision that I made was to move into this building. Its just not me, almost all my friends have the same view for this building. Following are some of the issues that I faced; This is by no means an exhaustive list but it will give you a fair bit of indication of what its like to live in this building.

a. The management is extremely rude. The moment you sign the lease, they literately change into different personalities. They will treat you not like a customer but like a s

lave. I have never met more rude and cold blooded ladies in my life than the ladies that manage these properties.

b. Elevators will be out of service most of the time.

c. My friends were twice stuck in elevators and it takes about 40 minutes for response team to act. The management doesn't care if you are stuck in an elevator. You are on your own.

d. The drainage system in washrooms doesn't work. I had to regularly get it cleared with plumbers help.

e. Most importantly, the building is a heaven for cockroaches. I got pest control done twice in my apartment but it just doesn't work. Its a nightmare.

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I had a very bad experience living in this building. I don't recommend this place for students. Although, location is great and everything is close by. I couldn't even live there for a year because the poor management! People in the head office are VERY rude specially Elona and Reyhna. This building is full of bugs!! specially cockroaches and I know so many people who complained about this problem including myself to fix this problem but they never did anything about. There is also mice in the b

uilding, but thank God haven't seen any in my apartment.

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Small number of bedbugs, lots of cockroaches, mice, silverfish.

I've been here for just over two months and there are no bed bugs on floor 12. Pretty solid building maintenance.

No bed bugs that I know of, but there are definitely silverfish and mice, even on the higher floors.

I have lived here for two years from 2010 to 2012. I didn't have bedbugs and have not heard anything from office. But I have occasionally seen mice, silverfish and other pest. I heard from a friend of mine who lived on 9th floor that she saw a mouse in her kitchen and notified the office. But all they did was to set up a mouse trap. I liked this place, but this was one reason that I moved out: don't want to hear sound of mice every night.

Bedbugs all summer long. Common occurence, management got the apartment sprayed 3 times but the spray was ineffective and bedbugs still exist. There are also rats and other pests.

Management acted promptly; no further issues that I'm aware of.

I'm guessing the building is safe for now since there are no new reports?

Received a call from building management on October 2nd, 2009. Bedbugs confirmed in at least one apartment on the 21st floor. Management has sprayed infected unit, and will be spraying all adjacent units shortly.

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