666 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M5S

Found 7 reports:

I've been here for just over two months and there are no bed bugs on floor 12. Pretty solid building maintenance.

No bed bugs that I know of, but there are definitely silverfish and mice, even on the higher floors.

I have lived here for two years from 2010 to 2012. I didn't have bedbugs and have not heard anything from office. But I have occasionally seen mice, silverfish and other pest. I heard from a friend of mine who lived on 9th floor that she saw a mouse in her kitchen and notified the office. But all they did was to set up a mouse trap. I liked this place, but this was one reason that I moved out: don't want to hear sound of mice every night.

Bedbugs all summer long. Common occurence, management got the apartment sprayed 3 times but the spray was ineffective and bedbugs still exist. There are also rats and other pests.

Management acted promptly; no further issues that I'm aware of.

I'm guessing the building is safe for now since there are no new reports?

Received a call from building management on October 2nd, 2009. Bedbugs confirmed in at least one apartment on the 21st floor. Management has sprayed infected unit, and will be spraying all adjacent units shortly.

No nearby bug reports