610 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON M5S
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i moved here not long ago and my experience here has completely disrupted my life. i came to live somewhere where i could focus on my studies and instead i was able to do the complete opposite. not even 2 weeks into living there i was covered in bites, and when someone came to spray i woke up three days later with a live bug crawling in my bed. when i told the landlord a second time that there were still bugs, he didn't respond to me for weeks and just ignored the issue. i have lived for almost

2 months with most of my belongings in bags, have covered half of the furniture in plastic, and have been too afraid to sleep in the room because i know the bugs are there. i have basically not even been staying in the room i've paid to live in because i don't want to get bitten. i've also spent hundreds of dollars commuting to other places so that i can sleep, buying a vaccuum and other supplies, repeatedly washing my clothes, etc. and the bugs are still there and have now migrated to everyone else's rooms. i then found out the landlords knew about the previous tenant in the room already having bed bugs and still they left all of the furniture in the room when they rented it to me. so terrible...don't move here!

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the entire building has bugs, everyone's rooms, the landlord basically gets the cheapest company he can to spray a room or two sending them running into other parts of the house, and when someone moves out, we've all been offered the bug infested furniture(yes EVEN BEDS) left behind to try to lure new tenants, they should be ashamed of themselves, good ridence to this place, no cheap rent was worth the damages we suffered.

Hired exterminator company to remove the bedbugs, will have repeat visits upon further reports of bugs.

lived there from march 09 to september 09. started to notice black spots popping up on my sheets around june and started to get bit in july.

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