403 Huron St
Toronto, ON M5S

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In 2007 my friend and I rented a large room at 403 Huron Street, which is one of many houses operated by Campus Co-op as student housing not affiliated with any educational institution. Furniture was provided by the co-operative, but we chose to bring our own beds from home which we've been sleeping on for more than ten years. My bed was next to a boarded-up fireplace with some crevices, my friend's bed was by the opposite wall, and the flooring was wood. Several weeks later I began having plum

red, swollen, itchy, small and large bumps on my thighs and arms in rows; my friend was "unscathed." We researched online, checked with our college's housing department for any information they could provide, and determined the cause to be bed bugs. (We notified the co-operative, which supposedly arranged a time/date for chemical spraying of our room: but the appointment, for unknown/unclear reasons, did not take place, and we were not recompensed for the whole incident ie. prescription drugs for treating my skin condition and infections, the next month's rent because we decided to move out right away.)

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